Virkon S von LANXESS tötet nachweislich hochansteckende Subtypen der Vogelgrippe ab

AlternativKöln - 02 Dezember 2016
Virkon S, ein weltweit führendes Veterinär-Desinfektionsmittel des Spezialchemie-Konzerns LANXESS, gilt als das Desinfektionsmittel der Wahl für die... » mehr

Pinolumin by Mibelle Biochemistry

AlternativBuchs, Switzerland - 01 December 2016
Pinolumin is a novel neurocosmetic active from the wood of Swiss stone pine. This is a long living alpine tree that grows at very high altitudes... » mehr

Frostig-brillanter Silberglanz: Die Merck- Pigmentinnovation Ronastar® Frozen Jewel

AlternativDarmstadt, November 22, 2016
Merck, ein führendes Wissenschafts- und Technologieunternehmen, präsentiert Ronastar® Frozen Jewel: Das neue silberfarbene... » mehr

Greentech Stellt Neue Ergebnisse zu SOLIBERINE® - Vor-Breitbandschutz vor Natürlichem und Künstlichem Licht

AlternativStarnberg - 21 November 2016
An 365 Tagen im Jahr ist die Haut umweltbedingten Stressfaktoren ausgesetzt. Diese lassen die Haut schneller altern... » mehr

Lipotec introduces a new peptide for reprogramming the skin through epigenetics

AlternativBarcelona, Spain - November 2016
Epigenetics is becoming a new big trend in the skin care industry and is expected to open infinite possibilities for the design of new strategies against aging... » mehr

SCS Formulate 2016: BASF launches new generation of micro-proteins for hair care applications and highlights sustainable solutions

AlternativCoventry, England – November 15, 2016
For a growing number of consumers, product sustainability is a crucial factor in their purchasing decision. At the same time, appealing sensory properties remain vital. At this year’s SCS Formulate (November 15–16, 2016), BASF will showcase... » mehr

DSM reveals “Five Actives – Five Actions” solution to protect skin against environmental pollution

AlternativKaiseraugst (CH), 14 November 2016
DSM, one of the leading suppliers of personal care ingredients, has developed a comprehensive approach to protect skin against the effects of... » mehr

New Results for SOLIBERINE® - Global Photoprotector

AlternativSt Beauzire, France - November 2016
By protecting the skin against all types of natural and artificial radiations (UV, visible light, specifically blue light, and infra red rays), SOLIBERINE® ... » mehr

Ashland Introduces Harmoniance™ Biofunctional, a Solution with Multifunctional Benefits for Aging Skin

AlternativBridgewater, NJ - November 2016
Using Zeta Fraction™ technology, Ashland amplifies the efficacy and refines the
usability of the botanical benefits of the Sacred Lotus plant... » mehr

Orchiderma: Moisturizing Line with Proven Efficacy

AlternativSaint Thonan, France - November 2016
With the constant will to offer products which follow the trends of the cosmetic market, Lessonia has just launched its moisturizing line, named... » mehr

The Innovation Company Presents - Creastar® Melanosis

AlternativDreux, France - November 2016
Creastar® Melanosis, a range of intense smokey colours based on light reflecting diffractions with dark base, originally created in 2009 by... » mehr

Active Beauty Launches an Inspiring Collection of Unispheres®: the Ocean Collection

Argenteuil - November 7, 2016
With over 25 years of experience in Unispheres® technology, Givaudan Active Beauty is one of theworld leaders in crafting visual cues for cosmetics. » mehr

Active Beauty Gets Impressive New Clinical Tests on Brightenyl™ for Fast Pore Reduction

Argenteuil - November 7, 2016
After the first successes of its gold-awarded activeingredient Brightenyl™ launched in 2015, GivaudanActive Beauty goes further to improve the skincomplexion while presenting new... » mehr

Ashland Introduces Harmoniance™ Biofunctional, a Solution with Multifunctional

Bridgewater, NJ - October 31, 2016
Using Zeta Fraction™ technology, Ashland amplifies the efficacy and refines the usability of the botanical benefits of the Sacred Lotus plant... » mehr

Berg + Schmidt erweitert die moderne Tensid-Reihe BergaSoft

Hamburg - 24. Oktober 2016
Mit den neuen Alkyl PolyGlucosiden können innovative Kosmetikhersteller Körper- und Gesichtsreinigungsprodukte nach ECOCERT/COSMOS- sowie RSPO-Standards entwickeln... » mehr

A Croda Plex System is Launched to Meet Growing Demand for Plex Products

EDISON, NJ - October 25, 2016
New system protects hair integrity during and after coloring and bleaching Services... » mehr

HaarpflegePLUS: Symrise präsentiert zwei Haarpflege-Programme auf der in-cosmetics in São Paulo 

Holzminden - 10. Oktober 2016
Auf der in-cosmetics 2016 vom 5. bis 6. Oktober in Saõ Paulo hat Symrise zwei Konzepte zur Haarpflege präsentiert... » mehr

Active Beauty launches a haircare innovation against grey/white hairs & roots

Argenteuil - October 4, 2016
Givaudan Active Beauty launches a new "smart bead" for haircare application to cover white and grey hairs in hair styling and combing products... » mehr

Huntsman launches Brilliant New HOMBITAN® TiO2 Pigment for Cosmetic Formulations

Wynard - September 29, 2016
Global chemical company Huntsman has developed a brand new, super pure grade of titanium dioxide (TiO2) that can be used to improve the opacity of premium cosmetic products that need to provide excellent uniform coverage... » mehr

Beraca unveils new natural ingredient for mature skin at in-cosmetics Latin America

Sao Paulo - September 27, 2016
Due to its high content of minerals and vitamins, the bacuri butter not only slows down the signs of skin aging, but also helps restore the skin’s metabolic function and energy balance » mehr

ShapePerfection - Burns fat and fights cellulite

September 20, 2016
ShapePerfection has been designed to achieve this without the need to exercise and it works because it instructs fat cells to transform the lipids into heat....
» mehr

Ashland introduces ChromoHance™ 113 polymer technology

Bridgewater, NJ - September 7, 2016
ChromoHance™ 113 polymer (INCI: Polyquaternium-113) is a new technology for shampoo and conditioner products that shields oxidative color-treated hair from surfactant stripping. The patent-pending technology maintains color vibrancy by forming a hydrophobic surface on hair. In panel studies...
» mehr

Croda Launches New Pollution Cleansing Data for Cithrol™ 10GTIS

East Yorkshire - August 26, 2016
Croda International Plc, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals, is delighted to unveil new data on Cithrol 10GTIS that addresses and meets consumer needs for pollution protection... » mehr

Fiflow® AQI - - a rescue for polluted skin

Dreux Cedex - August 2016
Fiflow® AQI is a new member in the Fiflow® family. It is the only viable material to avoid the hypoxia of the skin in high air pollution conditions... » mehr

Croda Launches New Pollution Cleansing Data for Cithrol™ 10GTIS

East Yorkshire - August 26, 2016
Croda International Plc, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals, is delighted to unveil new data on Cithrol 10GTIS that addresses and meets consumer needs for pollution protection... » mehr

Evonik ermöglicht längere Frische im Wäscheschrank

Mit einem neuen Silikonderivat ermöglicht Evonik die Formulierung von Weichspülern mit einer verbesserten Leistung... » mehr

DSM’s new data on AMPHISOL® K reconfirms its status as gold standard in robust emulsification

DSM Personal Care unveils new data on its leading emulsifier brand AMPHISOL® K, which proves its superior applicability in novel cosmetics formulations compared to similar potassium cetyl phosphate emulsification Technologies... » mehr

New test on POLLUSHIELDTM functional ingredient: Eased particles removal for a glower looking skin.

Being in direct contact with air and water pollutants, the skin is our first line of defense against the harmful elements in the environment... » mehr

BASF erweitert Aromaportfolio und stellt neue Produkte vor

Die BASF präsentierte vom 13. bis 15. Juni beim World Perfumery Congress (WPC) 2016 im Fontainebleau Resort in Miami ihr umfangreiches Aromachemikalien... » mehr

Greentech stellt vor: Pflanzenkraft potenziert durch Fermentation: Bereit für den Beauty-Trend aus Korea?

Unter Fermentierung versteht man die enzymatische Umwandlung organischer Stoffe durch die Zugabe von bestimmten Bakterienkulturen... » mehr

Dow Corning Introduces Dow Corning® 3901 Liquid Satin Blend for Multi-benefit Leave-in Hair Products at 2016 NYSCC Suppliers' Day

Initially launched for skin care applications, this novel solution addresses consumer demands for hair care products offering a full spectrum of benefits... » mehr

AkzoNobel showcases new humectant and essential functionalities in North America at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

AkzoNobel’s latest innovative ingredient for personal care applications enables formulators to meet consumer demand for long-lasting and high-performance skin care products. » mehr

Die Zukunft des Nagellackes – Worlée präsentiert neue WorléeAqua Nail Produkte auf

Worlée hat für die Kosmetikindustrie vier maßgeschneiderte Produkte mit herausragenden Eigenschaften entwickelt...
» mehr

Lipotec launches an innovative ingredient that enhances cell communication for a rejuvenated skin

These days, due to modern technology, communication among Millennials is very frequent - while this may be a different story for the older Generation... » mehr

Serene Beauty: Lubrizol`s New Approach to Beauty

Recently, a new beauty trend is becoming very evident and accepted in Society... » mehr

AkzoNobel launches new humectant and enhanced styling product at In-Cosmetics 2016 Paris

At In-Cosmetics 2016 Paris, AkzoNobel (Stand F50) is launching two new products... » mehr

Sederma unveils a new approach to pollution defence

With their new ingredient Citystem™, Sederma is expanding the conversation around the adverse effects of pollution on skin... » mehr

Merck-Neuheiten auf der „in-cosmetics 2016“: Make-up-Trends, innovativer Schutz und Pflege-Konzepte

Merck, ein führendes Wissenschafts- und Technologieunternehmen, präsentiert innovative Pigmente sowie neuartige Wirkstoffe und Konzepte für die Kosmetikbranche... » mehr

Solvay stellt auf der in-cosmetics 2016 die herausragenden funktionalen Vorteile von Fomblin® HC für Hautpflege- und Make-up-Formulierungen ins Rampenlicht

Fomblin® HC ist eine Familie fortschrittlicher, weltweit kommerziell lieferbarer Polymeröle auf Basis der proprietären Perfluorpolyethertechnologie (PFPE) von Solvay... » mehr

Sederma’s Majestem™ recognised with the Silver Green Award at in-cosmetics 2016

Sederma, who create, make and sell speciality chemicals as part of the Croda Group, has just been awarded with the Silver Green Award 2016 at this year’s in-cosmetics show for its product Majestem™... » mehr

BASF bietet mit Inspiring Textures neue Formulierungen für ein unwiderstehliches Hautgefühl

Auf Grundlage des breiten BASF-Portfolios an Inhaltsstoffen und der Expertise im differenzierten Formulierungsdesign hat das Unternehmen sechs neue Formulierungen geschaffen, die attraktive Texturen und ein angenehmes Hautgefühl bieten... » mehr

Clariant at in-cosmetics 2016 with new extra mild products & surprising textures

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will surprise and inspire at in-cosmetics 2016 this year, as it takes Personal Care formulators and brand owners on... » mehr

INOLEX Launches SustOleo™ A direct solution for exiting the palm industry.

INOLEX is pleased to announce the launch of SustOleo, a complete system of palm free ingredients, which will be formally launched at In-Cosmetics... » mehr

INOLEX and ieS Labo Launch PhytoTrace™ Local. Traceable. Sustainable.

INOLEX and ieS Labo are pleased to announce the launch PhytoTrace, a line of traceable, sustainable extracts, which will be formally launched... » mehr

AkzoNobel to launch new humectant and enhanced styling product at In-Cosmetics 2016 Paris

In-Cosmetics 2016 Paris
Stand F50... » mehr

Oleos presents its First Active Ingredient for Global Complexion Control

New oily active ingredient, eco-designed, 100% natural, dedicated to global complexion control... » mehr

Dauerhafter Halt, natürliches Aussehen

Covestro führt neues Hairstyling-Polymer ein... » mehr

Weltweit erste automatisierte Schaumanalyse nach Ross-Miles

Auf der analytica 2016 in München stellt die KRÜSS GmbH ihr neues Messinstrument zur Schaumanalyse vor... » mehr

SOLIBERINE®: intensiver biologischer Zellschutz gegen UV Strahlung

Auf der diesjährigen in-Cosmetics in Paris stellt GREENTECH am Stand G40 seine aktuellen Neuheiten vor... » mehr

Ashland announces SurfaThix™ N polymer, the all-in-one solution for body and facial rinse-off formulations

Ashland (NYSE: ASH) today announced the commercial launch of SurfaThix™ N polymer, a surfactant-functional technology that performs as an all-in-one solution for consumer cleansing products... » mehr