Four guaranteed ingredients for baby care

Quality and safety are keys when it comes to baby care products... » mehr

New test on LIPOMOIST 2036™ molecular film – Firming and remodeling effect

Beautiful skin is a symbol of health and beauty, but with time skin starts showing the first signs of aging, which include dryness, loss of elasticity, and sagging... » mehr

Desert Whale Jojoba Does it Again…From Saving the Whales to Saving the Oceans

PFJ™-S Beads: A Next Generation Natural Alternative to Polyethylene Beads... » mehr

Achieve Instant Skin Smoothing with Prolevis™

Croda, a global speciality chemical company, is delighted to announce the launch of Prolevis, a new high molecular weight protein hydrolysate that is able to instantly smooth the skin... » mehr

Lipotec presents a new active ingredient for complete skin protection from urban pollution

The continuous research and commitment with personal wellness has taken Lipotec to develop POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient, the latest incorporation to Aimtec® peptides and synthetic molecules, that is born in... » mehr

Imerys launches ImerCare™ Velluto

A new natural mineral for high coverage powder foundations... » mehr

Leben voller Farbe – die 2017 Color Trends-Kollektion von BASF ist jetzt verfügbar

Die 2017 Color Trends-Kollektion von BASF bietet den Herstellern von Kosmetika und Körperpflegeprodukten eine breite Palette an Farben und Effektpigmenten, Wirkstoffen und Rezepturen, um... » mehr

Bring Youth Back to Grey Hair

Croda Launches New Data for Consumer-Perceivable Softness for Grey Hair... » mehr


Anti-aging matrix regeneration... » mehr

Multicultural Conditioning for Damaged Hair

Croda Launches New Data for a Complete Multicultural Conditioning Solution... » mehr

DSM Personal Care launches new peptide-based complex SYN®-EYE for beautiful eyes

DSM Personal Care announces the launch of its new multifunctional anti-ageing peptide complex, SYN®-EYE. This innovative product further extends DSM’s SYN®-Peptides product range, in response to consumers’ desire to have lineless eyes... » mehr

Candelilla wax alternatives – it is all in the mix

Kahlwax 6700, 6702, and 7304... » mehr

Inspired Solutions from Croda at SCS Formulate 2015

Stand 405, 17-18 November, Ricoh Arena, Coventry » mehr

CM-Glucan Forte

Personal trainer to strengthen sensitive skin... » mehr

Vin-upLift - Instant visible lifting

At the occasion of in-cosmetics Asia 2015 Mibelle Biochemistry launched Vin-upLift, a fascinating active that instantly lifts the skin and reduces wrinkles... » mehr

New: Ready-to-Beauty

The best of natural and luxurious formulation
► New range of immediately available skincare products... » mehr

Croda welcomes the official entry of zinc oxide into Annex VI of the EU Cosmetics Regulation

Croda, a global speciality chemical company, has welcomed the news that EU member states in the EU Commission Working Group on Cosmetics have voted in... » mehr

ADParticles introduces EnhanceU: its revolutionary and patented inorganic UV filter for the formulation of sun creams and colour cosmetics

ADParticles, the Spanish company founded by investigative scientists from Spain’s most prestigious scientific research institution the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), announces... » mehr

Gattefossé at in-cosmetics Asia - Discover our new active ingredient along with our latest formulations

Booth C11 – Bangkok 3-5 November 2015 » mehr

A Secret Weapon for Mending Split Ends

Croda Launches New Data Proving Long-Lasting, Consumer-Perceivable Split End Repair... » mehr

Dow Corning Launches New Portfolio of Topical Ingredients to Help Customers Advance Innovations in Consumer Health Care Applications

Dow Corning, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, unveiled here today at the California Suppliers’ Day Show its new industry-leading Dow Corning® Topical Ingredients portfolio » mehr

Sederma: Mediatone™

A highly purified skin tone mediator... » mehr


When the néré inspiresa strengthened barrier effect... » mehr

Elevance Expands Cleaning Ingredient Product Line with Elevance Clean™ 1000

High-performing, bio-based cleaning ingredient addresses supply limitations of d-limonene and boosts performance... » mehr

New research on REGU®-SCENCE from DSM Personal Care confirms additional efficacy in even skin tone application

DSM is delighted to share new research findings confirming extra efficacy on skin by REGU®-SCENCE... » mehr

Lipomulse® Eco

Green, Sustainable, Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Emulsifier Systems... » mehr

The Latest Launch from Vantage Specialty Ingredients- Lipomulse Eco Series

Vantage announced the newest addition to their product line, the Lipomulse® Eco Series! » mehr

Das Beste aus der Natur – Frisch gepresst: Symrise bringt Pflanzensäfte mit kosmetischem Nutzen auf den Markt

Symrise bringt eine Kollektion frisch gepresster Pflanzensäfte auf den Markt und ergänzt damit seine bewährte Actipone® Produktlinie... » mehr

New test on UPLEVITY™ peptide: Reshaping the face contour

Lipotec has performed a new test on its successful UPLEVITY™ peptide. This tetrapeptide counteracts the sagging and aging effects on... » mehr

New test on ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient - Efficacy against cold weather and wrinkles

The latest in vivo study carried by Lipotec on ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient confirmed the active’s ability to counteract the effects of... » mehr

CERAFLOUR® 964 – neues prozessoptimierendes Wachsadditiv für Pulverlacksysteme

Kostenoptimierte Applikationsabläufe sind aus der Pulverlackindustrie nicht mehr wegzudenken... » mehr

Vantage Specialty Ingredients Acquires Curoxyl & Curcylic Product Technologies

Vantage Specialty Ingredients announced the acquisition of two new technologies for their product portfolio.... » mehr

Stabilität von Emulsionen und Dispersionen effizient testen mit dem Multiscan MS 20 von DataPhysics Instruments

AlternativFür die automatische, softwaregesteuerte Analyse von Stabilitäts- und Alterungsvorgängen in mehrphasigen, kolloidalen Systemen wie Emulsionen und... » mehr

Dow Corning Introduces Dow Corning® 3901 Liquid Satin Blend

- a New Skin Care Ingredient Featuring Novel Rheology and an Exceptional Sensory Profile... » mehr

Cell’intact® : the solution for facing up to urban lifestyle and pollution

During the recent In-Cosmetics show in Barcelona, the company has unveiled new studies carried out on its latest active ingredient extracted from buckwheat seeds... » mehr

Create High Performance Microemulsion Facial Cleansers with CithrolTM 10GTIS

Croda, a global speciality chemical company was delighted to launch Cithrol 10GTIS, an advanced surfactant for oil-based facial cleansing, during in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona... » mehr

Robotergestützte Messung der freien Oberflächenenergie auf großen Proben

Auf der Hannover Messe 2015 stellt die KRÜSS GmbH erstmalig den Large Surface Analyzer – LSA vor, der einen Positionierroboter mit... » mehr

Naturex offers the Beauty and Personal Care industry natural functional possibilities with a water-extracted surfactant from Chile

Naturex is launching Sapnov™, a natural foaming agent extracted from quillaia in Chile. By doing so, the company adds another type of ingredient to its existing ranges... » mehr

Natur im Höhenflug: KahlWax präsentiert nachhaltiges Fruchtwachs aus den Anden

KahlWax widmet sich auf der in‐cosmetics in Barcelona natürlichen Wachsen aus aller Welt... » mehr

TRI-K launches New Product for Intense Moisturization to boost Skin Health - Fision HydrateOOST SKIN HEALTH - Fision Hydrate

TRI-K Industries, Inc. launches a new product that provides immediate andintense long-term moisturization... » mehr

SEPPIC launches CELEBRITY™, its new technology of macroalgal cell culture

SEPPIC, through its subsidiary BiotechMarine, marks a major breakthrough in the field of marinebiotechnology with CELEBRITY™... » mehr

Majestem™ - Lifts the Skin for a Majestic Beauty

Beauty and elegance of the head carriage are compromised by face and neck skin sagging... » mehr

Intelligent Repair of Damaged Hair with KerestoreTM 2.0

Croda, a global specialty chemical company, has rebranded KeramimicTM 2.0 to Kerestore 2.0, in order to better highlight the restoring benefits of its unique biomimetic keratin, while... » mehr

Sederma at in-cosmetics 2015

Sederma will exhibit its newly launched ingredient Majestem™ which reveals a visible lifting action on the neck and face (cheeks and eye contour)... » mehr

TRI-K announces new data for hydrating protein Milk Tein NPNF™

Made from food grade milk powder, Milk Tein NPNF™ immediately increases hydration to the skin and with repeated use, increases moisture retention on the skin... » mehr

Optische Tropfenkonturanalyse – hochpräzise und innovativ

Die neuen Kontaktwinkelmessgeräte von DataPhysics Instruments... » mehr

Ashland introduces Advantage™ 4910 fixative polymer for hairspray

Ashland today announced the commercial launch of Advantage™ 4910 polymer, a hair fixative with a long history of use in hairspray formulations... » mehr

DSM Personal Care invites its customers to experiment in hair styling with its multi-functional polymer, TILAMAR® Fix A140

Strong consumer desire for more diverse styling products has been at the foundation of recent DSM Personal Care research and development work on TILAMAR® Fix A140... » mehr

Evonik introduces VARISOFT® EQ 100

The high performance liquid conditioning agent with improved sustainability profile... » mehr

Arkema erweitert die Reihe der Orgasol-Nylonpulver um einen neuen Aktivstoff

Orgasol White wurde entwickelt, um dem Ruf nach hautaufhellenden kosmetischen Produkten eine Antwort zu geben... » mehr