SOFW Journal Edition 05-2017

Personal Care

E. Müller
Mild Preservation for Sensitive Skin – a Balancing Act?

V. Bicard-Benhamou, T. Baldecchi, E. Guivarch, N. Guelennoc,
A.-M. Bohlmann, L. Heider, F. Pfluecker

RonaCare® RenouMer: an Outstanding Spring of Youth Ingredient Coming from
the Treasures of the French Brittany Coast

Home Care

U. Schörken, S. Barbe, T. Hahn, S. Zibek
Biotechnological Routes Towards Bio-based Surfactants:
State of the Art and Future Challenges

S. Fischer, M. de Moragas, G. Merkle
Brilliant Colors Make the Difference:
Improved Performance and Claim Support for Color Detergents


T. Budde
Oral Care: Formulating Toothpaste with Natural Calcium Carbonate (NCC)


Company News

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