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Bio-sourced emollients

New development opportunities for cosmetics... » more

Clariant brings new capacity for Phosphate-Esters on-stream at Gendorf plant

P-Esters enhance the performance of a wide range of industrial and consumer applications through their use as emulsifiers, wetting and... » more

Natura Cosmetics and Symrise Amazon gain UEBT certification for their Amazon ingredients

The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) is pleased to announce that Natura Cosmetics and Symrise Amazon obtained UEBT certification for a total of 40 natural ingredients from the Amazon... » more

Dow to Spotlight Sensory Concepts and Technologies at in-cosmetics Paris

Introduces new multifunctional sensory and optical additive enabling instant wrinkle reduction and velvety touch... » more

Sensory Kaleidoscope – Making skin feel visible

Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line has developed a new tool for formulating skin care products with specific sensory properties: Sensory Kaleidoscope... » more
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