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Anniversary: 40 Years of WACKER in Brazil

AlternativMunich and São Paulo, August 30, 2017
Today, in São Paulo, Wacker Chemie AG is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its Brazil-based South American headquarters... » more

Beraca Receives IMO’s For Life Certification for Range of Mineral Clays

AlternativSão Paulo, Brazil - August 30, 2017
The Beraclays extraction and processing operation was recognized for its commitment to socially and environmentally sustainable practices... » more

SymBrightTM Protects Skin from Overreactions to Aggressive Environmental Influences

AlternativHolzminden, Germany - August 30, 2017
SymBrightTM, produced in high purity from clary sage is a natural, sustainable, and versatile product from Symrise.... » more

WHITONYL®, and The Complexion Becomes Porcelain

AlternativSaint-Viance, France - 29 August 2017
WHITONYL® is a natural depigmenting active ingredient, which attenuates pigment spots and gives back to the skin its uniformity and lightness... » more

Genoskin Brings Unique Alternative to Animal Testing to The US

AlternativToulouse, France, August 29, 2017
Genoskin, a company that provides a cutting-edge alternative to animal testing by keeping donated human skin alive, today announces... » more
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