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Transformation of Biesterfeld companies in Switzerland into public limited companies

The Swiss companies Biesterfeld Spezialchemie Helvetia GmbH and Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse GmbH belonging to the Biesterfeld Group have been transformed into public limited companies... » more

SILAB, an active member of Cosmetic Valley

In April, SILAB, a manufacturer of cosmetic natural active ingredients, became an active member of Cosmetic Valley, acompetitiveness cluster made up of companies, research centers and... » more

Efficient stability testing of emulsions and dispersions with the new Multiscan MS 20, DataPhysics Instruments

AlternativThe innovative Multiscan MS20 from DataPhysics Instruments is designed for the automatic, software controlled measurement and... » more

MakeUp in Paris 2015: BASF solutions help manufacturers respond to upcoming color trends

Following extensive market research, BASF has identified the most influential cultural drivers set to impact the beauty trends in 2016 and beyond. The company will address its findings at this year’s MakeUp in Paris trade show from June 18 to 19 at the Carrousel du Louvre... » more

Small farmers in the Philippines reach first milestone towards the production of sustainable coconut oil

Partnership of GIZ, BASF and Cargill promotes the world’s first production of copra certified by Rainforest Alliance » more
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