ISP Performance Chemicals to Support Cleaning Industry with Trend-Forward Technologies

In Partnership with Companies Focused on New Cleaning Solutions that Win with Consumers

Wayne - NJ January 25, 2011

ISP Performance Chemicals today announced it will direct technical service programs toward cleaning product makers dedicated to the formulation of trend-forward products. The company has commercialized a number of polymer-based technologies to better support manufacturers working on products that simplify cleaning and lend substance to novel cleaning benefits. Polymer technologies such as Sorez® HS 205 may be incorporated in a range of household cleaners to assure cleaning in less time and with less energy – two major requirements for today’s on-the-go consumers. A new combination of polymers from ISP, Gantrez® S-97 BF polymer with Easy-Wet® 20 proprietary surfactant blend, lends cleaning performance to glass cleaner with anti-fog properties – in an environmentally friendly formulation. A third novel technology now available from ISP, called Jaypol™ HN 44, designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency, may be used to ‘super charge’ the cleaning attributes of laundry detergents. All three ISP technologies are made commercially viable in support of forward-thinking cleaning product companies focused on consumer needs.

According to Frank Fusiak, director North America marketing and new business development, tailoring highly functional polymer-based technologies to the requirements of the cleaning industry has helped product makers commercialize new products that appeal to today’s performance-conscious consumers. “Cleaning products that perform the best, are easy to use and offer novel benefits will always win with consumers,” he said. “Companies that want to create stand-out brands based on excellent performance and cleaning benefits can look at the new highly functional polymer technologies of ISP as an efficient way to formulate market-winning products.”

Last year, ISP acquired Ionic Solutions to bolster its expertise in acrylate technology and to improve its capability to produce innovative polymer-based offerings directed toward advanced cleaning product formulations. Today ISP offers a broad range of chemical technologies that can help the industry anticipate market trends and a range of new performance additives that enhance the value and performance of cleaning formulations.

A Polymer for All Formulations: Sorez® HS 205
In the world of consumer cleaning products, innovation and performance are both essential to success in the marketplace. Sorez HS 205 polymer represents a breakthrough technology that helps formulators deliver four sought-after benefits in a range of products, soil release, soil repellency, anti-scale performance and hydrophilization.

Synergistic Polymers for Cleaning Glass
A new anti-fog polymer system developed by ISP lends excellent cleaning performance as well as outstanding anti-fog properties to glass cleaner formulations. Recent studies at ISP application laboratories featured a synergistic combination of Gantrez S-97 BF polymer with Easy-Wet 20 proprietary surfactant blend in a standardized glass cleaning formula. High performance cleaning was generated by the use of the powerful wetting and spreading features of the Easy-Wet 20 and its ability to lower surface tension on glass. The Gantrez S-97 BF enhanced the hydrophilicity of the glass surface, and by adhering to the surface, it was able to provide long-lasting protection. The combination of these two ingredients in a standardized formula provided cleaning efficacy comparable to commercial glass cleaner formulations but with a much higher level of anti-fog, anti-mist and anti-smearing properties.

Enhancing Detergency with Jaypol™ Polymers
ISP manufactures and markets a range of acrylic-based polymers designed to enhance primary and secondary detergency and inhibit scale deposition. Called Jaypol dispersants, the technologies work by: Protecting carboxylated surfactants, bleach systems, whitening agents, etc. from inactivation by polyvalent ions; protecting fabrics from redeposition and encrustation with hardness salts; and protecting machine surfaces from scale deposition.

About ISP
International Specialty Products Inc. (ISP) is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance enhancing products for a wide variety of personal care, pharmaceutical, beverage and industrial applications. ISP produces more than 500 specialty chemicals, which it markets and sells worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located in Wayne, New Jersey, USA.

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