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Interview Partner: Emmanuel Martin, Head of Application & Technical Support Hair Care – R&D Personal Care & Aroma

Company: DSM

Title: PENTAVITIN®, a natural & biodegradable ingredient for scalp applications

Abstract: Many people around the world are suffering from scalp problems, usually characterized by itching, oily or dry scalp and flaking. According to Turner(1) a direct link between these symptoms and a compromised scalp barrier was reported. PENTAVITIN® (Saccharide Isomerate) is a recognized DSM ingredient in cosmetic skin-formulations(2), acting as moisturizer and skin barrier improver. But can we transpose these benefits to the scalp? In a recent clinical study, we observed that PENTAVITIN® in shampoo formulation was improving the barrier properties of the scalp after 1 month application, combined with a significant reduction in sebum and flaking.


Could you provide more details on In-cosmetics' recent introduction of a new olive oil-based diesterquat?
THOR has developed Microcare® Quat LDG to address market demands for high-performance and...

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Product Launches

Engineered through state-of-the-art biotechnology, Cerafy brings unparalleled benefits to cosmetic products, including fast-growing dermocosmetics

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