A Novel Patented Ingredient Targeting Multifaceted Mechanism for Healthy Scalp
Aktuelle in-vivo-Daten bestätigen: Nachhaltiger Anti-Schuppen-Wirkstoff von Symrise so wirksam wie konventionelle Lösungen
Current in vivo Data Underlines: Next `generation Dandruff Control by Symrise as Effective as Conventional Solutions
Drei Symrise-Entwicklungen gewinnen ersten Preis beim BSB Innovation Award 2020
Givaudan Active Beauty launches Neosalyl™, a 100% Natural and Pure Salicylic Acid for Skin and Scalp that is Organic Compared to its Synthetic Alternative
Klinische Studie belegt: Anti-Schuppen-Wirkstoff von Symrise fördert gesunde Kopfhaut
Lipoid Kosmetik AG Launches usNeo™– The Microbiome-Friendly Solution for Odor, Blemishes & Dandruff
Lubrizol Discovers New Benefit for Seascalp™ Biomarine Ingredient
Neue Daten bestätigen Wirksamkeit von SymReboot™ L19, der probiotischen Lösung für gesunde Kopfhaut in Shampoos
New Clinical Data Suggests: Symrise Anti-dandruff Active Promotes Healthy Scalp Microbiome
New Data Underlines Efficacy of Symrise SymReboot™ L19 as a Processed-probiotic Scalp Solution in Shampoo
Next Generation Dandruff Control
Piroctone Olamine – Advancing Anti-dandruff Care & More – Efficient and safe scalp care for new formats & applications
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sofw journal 9-2011
sofw journal 9-2011
Three Symrise Products Win First Prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020
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