Cosmetic Ingredients

The Scalable Power of Sichuan Pepper, Acting on Skin and Scalp!
The Scalable Power of Sichuan Pepper, Acting on Skin and Scalp!
"Blue Beauty", the New Formula Kit by Seppic for Responsible Beauty
Award-winning Innovations in Mood-boosting Skin Care
BASF investiert in Kapazitäts­er­weiterung für kosmetische Inhalts­stoffe in Düsseldorf
BASF Invests in Capacity Expansion for Cosmetic Ingredients in Düsseldorf
BASF Launches Verdessence™ RiceTouch, a New Biopolymer for a Smooth and Powdery Light Skin Feel, Suitable for a Broad Range of Personal Care Products
BASF launcht Verdessence™ RiceTouch, ein neues Biopolymer für ein geschmeidiges und pudrig leichtes Hautgefühl, geeignet für eine Vielzahl von Pflegeprodukten
BeauSens®: the Revolution in Sustainable Ingredients
Biesterfeld and PROD’HYG Expand their Distribution Partnership for Cosmetic Ingredients to Scandinavia and Iceland
Biesterfeld Spezialchemie Expands into Personal Care Segment in Brazil
Biesterfeld Spezialchemie forciert das Marktsegment Personal Care in Brasilien
Biesterfeld und PROD’HYG weiten ihre Vertriebspartnerschaft für Kosmetikrohstoffe auf Skandinavien und Island aus
Biotic Rejuvenation Support: BASF’s Care Creations® Launches Skin Care Ingredients ~based on Bacterium Found in Youthful Skin
BSB Innovation Awards 2023 Award Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients with Three Prizes
BSB Innovation Awards 2023 zeichnen Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients mit drei Preisen aus
Clariant Launches ‘The Joyologist’ Concept with Inspiring Formulations to Brighten Your Skin and Mood
Clariant: Amazing Amazon - Join us on a Journey to Secret Plants and Natural Treasures
Clariant: Naturally Effective
Clariant: The Journey of Acai from the Jewel of the Earth to a Superstar Cosmetic Ingredient
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