Hair Care

Not a Shampoo! (Scalp Purifying Powder)
Nourishing Botanicals Hair Mask
Omya: Clean Beauty: Back-to-nature with Added Value
On the Map – Skin Actives for Scalp Care
Optimum Combination Systems to Promote Foaming Capacity, Cleansing Ability and Sensory Behaviors
Oxiteno will Present its Innovative and Sustainable Line at the Home and Personal Care Congress in Europe
PeptAIde™ 4.0 – A New Naturally Derived Active Ingredient from BASF that Protects Skin and Hair against Silent Inflammation
PeptAIde™ 4.0: neuer, naturbasierter Wirkstoff von BASF schützt Haut und Haar vor stillen Entzündungen
PinoPlex™ Bioinspiration for Smooth and Moisturized Hair
Post Shave Treatment Gel
Presentation | Elaya Renova™ The Hair Tensegrist - HAIR ANCHORING BOOSTING
Presentation | Lipo-QUEST BG - Connect Chemicals' Solution For Fat-soluble Chelating Agents
Presentation | PENTAVITIN®, a natural & biodegradable ingredient for scalp applications
Presentation | Plant-based Conditioning for Truly Sustainable, High-performance Hair Care
Presentation | STOP AGE ANXIETY - Welcome to the Era of Healthy Aging!
Presentation | The hair follicle as a major penetration route for topically applied active ingredients
Presentation | The SFA Product Range: Innovative, Sustainable, High Performing Surfactants for Hair & Oral Care Products
Provital Presents: New Tests Premature Hair-greying - Kerascalp™, an Ally for Self-esteem in the Age of Imagocracy
Provital Unveils New Corporate Identity, Proudly Showcasing its Commitment to Caring (Do Care), a Value More Valid Now than Ever
Pump It Up Sulfate-free Shampoo Mousse
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