Hair Care

Allergens Testing in Cosmetics - A Never-Ending Story
An Innovative Lipid Replacement for Different Types of Hair
Androgenetic Alopecia: Microbiota Landscape and Role of Lindera strychnifolia Roots Extract as a Natural Solution for Hair Loss
ANGUS Chemical Company Launches New Alkalizer for Hair Colorant Systems
Anti-Pollution Hair Refresh: Chom Chom Shampoo
Apoena Biotech Launches Biofilm-forming Postbiotic Product for Hair and Skin Care, Providing 72-hour Moisturizing Action
Ashland Launches Styleze™ CSP, a Nature-derived Styling Polymer
Ashland Revealed Natural, Nature-derived and Biodegradable Personal Care Solutions, and Nature-positive STEM Education Program for Village Farmers in India during in-cosmetics
Authentic Beauty Concept bringt neue Generation der Nachfüllstation auf den Markt
Authentic Beauty Concept Launches a New Generation of their Refill Bar
Azelis receives 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Personal Care
Azelis Wins Gold at the Prestigious Spotlight On Awards at in-cosmetics Asia
BASF Embraces Personalization in Cosmetics
BASF eröffnet „Care Evaluation Salon“ für Haar- und Hautpflegeprodukte in Nigeria
BASF Inaugurates “Care Evaluation Salon” for Hair and Skin Care in Nigeria
BASF Introduces Luviset® 360: a New Styling Polymer for Exceptional Textures and Very Strong but Flexible Hold
BASF launcht im Rahmen der diesjährigen Beauty Days Plantapon® Soy – ein biobasiertes Tensid aus Sojaprotein für milde Rinse-off-Anwendungen
BASF Personal Care stellt pflanzliche Alternative zu tierischem Keratin auf der in-cosmetics Global vor
BASF präsentiert neues Styling-Polymer Luviset® 360 für außergewöhnliche Texturen und besonders starken flexiblen Halt
BASF setzt auf personalisierte Kosmetik
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