The Future of In-can Preservation: How is the Industry Moving away from Chemical Biocides?

E. Lansdaal

Synthetically produced biocides are effective and widely used
in low-pH, rinse-off household and personal care applications
to preserve products. Isothiazolinones, such as benzisothiazolinone
(BIT) and methylisothiazolinone (MIT), are an important
biocide family, commonly used as a preservative in in-can,
wash-off household and personal care applications. But growing
concerns over the years about their safety, particularly in
fabric conditioning and cosmetic applications where allergenic
chemicals stay in contact with people’s skin for prolonged periods
of time, has led to tighter regulatory restriction on their use.
New attitudes towards chemicals has also sparked consumer
demand for more sustainable, eco-friendly products. This has
placed pressure on formulators to find safer and more sustainable
biocide alternatives.


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