An Innovative Lipid Replacement for Different Types of Hair

F. Bueno de Camargo Junior, L. Moraes Santos Daher de Figueiredo, S.Gonçalves

Since Brazil’s early days, the country turned into a “melting pot” of Europeans, Indians and Africans, forming a diverse and multicultural society. This ethnic mix spawned the Mamelukes (Indians with Caucasian people), Caboclos (Africans with Indians)
and Mulattos (Caucasians with Africans) who still compound the mosaic of the Brazilian population. The cultural diversity resulting from this process allows Brazil to position itself as a strong laboratory for hair care studies, stimulating huge possibilities of product development that can cover different markets all over the world.
Under this scenario, Sensoveil Soft was created.
It is a vegetal based product obtained via a proprietary technology which acts as a lipid replacement for different types of hair, by forming a biofilm on the hair fiber through intermolecular attraction forces.
The benefits of this ingredient was proven by 3 protocols being two objectives and one subjective. The first one tested combability and cuticle evaluation; the second protocol was focused on frizz reduction and the third one demonstrated results of the salon test. Benefits: improvement of combability; frizz reduction; hair cuticles reparation; softness and shine. It is also silicone, lanolin and quat free; vegan claim; sustainable concept 100% biodegradable; China compliant.


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