Not Beauty is the Key to Happiness – Happiness is the Key to Beauty!

H. Döring, M. Perez-Aso, B. Martinez-Teipel, J. Bosch, A. Roca

In an environment that promotes overall wellbeing as a life philosophy, our laboratory wanted to ascertain what impact the use of a skincare product containing a new active ingredient would have on people’s emotions. This novel ingredient is based on the Monk fruit (Momordica grosvenorii) which is cultivated in a mountain valley in Guangxi, a place known by the striking longevity and happiness of its inhabitants.
Since emotions are directly linked to the subconscious, the intention was to measure objectively the emotional impact of using this active ingredient in a cosmetic application. To do so, our laboratory used scientific rigour and Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking into account such subconscious evaluations.
But overall wellbeing is seen as integrative beauty that embraces both the emotional health and the physical aspect. Consequently, our laboratory also took a closer look at the causes for aging. While many people say it is all in the genes, Epigenetics suggests that not everything is genetically predisposed. Lifestyle has a major impact and maintaining good habits like exercising, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, not smoking, and drinking alcohol in moderation can have very positive effects on the aging process.


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