Cosmetic Colorants with 2-in-1 Performance

X. Petsitis

Today’s cosmetics are highly developed products, designed to satisfy consumer’s exceedingly high expectations. A renewed focus on self-care rituals calls for sophisticated functionality which translates into color cosmetic attributes such as texture, application and make-up finish. Development efforts are quickly rising to achieve a high-performance product wrapped in an attractive and stable cosmetic formulation. Given the importance of such factors as time and costs, the careful selection of raw materials is paramount. Thus, ingredients with a multifunctional performance can be advantageous and time saving during formula development. This article describes the general formulation approach in color cosmetics with a typically high colorant content and strong focus on ideal application properties. A practical oriented section covering formulation aspects, will explain how to benefit from a new generation of color pigments that merge color effect and texture improvement into one functional unit.


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