A Natural Anti-acne Care for Adults

M. Coirier, M. Mangier, E. Lasjaunias, E. Aymard, B. Closs

Acne is a chronic multifactor pathology characterized by the appearance of non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions. It is one of the most frequent reasons for appointments with dermatologists (20% of consultations). Acne of teenagers normally disappears around the age of 20 but the symptoms can continue into adulthood. To tackle this pathology, SILAB developed ACNESIUM®, a purified natural active ingredient obtained from the pericarps of pomegranate (Punica granatum), able to prevent the clinical signs of slight to moderate acne in adults. Its clinical efficacy in a cohort of Caucasian adult patients with acneic skin has been demonstrated under control by dermatologists, revealing that ACNESIUM® is therapeutically effective in the daily care of slight to moderate acne in Caucasian adults.


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