“We have no intention of resting on our laurels"

Interview with Dr Balint Koroskenyi, Global Product Manager at

The ingredients developed by Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients give skin care products their unique function. Now the Micro Protection Business Unit is taking things up to the next level with a completely new molecule: Hydrolite® 7 green. Global Product Manager Dr Balint Koroskenyi explains in an interview how the latest innovation was developed.

You say Hydrolite® 7 green is a breakthrough innovation. Could you explain what makes it so special? 

Hydrolite® 7 green stands out from the crowd on account of being a completely new molecule, the only 7-carbon 1,2-alkanediol on the cosmetics market. It also features high purity, and practically odorless characteristics.

But what is even more decisive is the ingredient’s sheer versatility: Hydrolite® 7 green is the answer to several needs in the cosmetics industry. It is suitable for all skin types, it enhances product protection and the effect of antioxidants, solubilizes UV filters, reduces malodors, modulates sebum and stabilizes emulsions. And it provides all of these benefits already at low concentrations. That is a very impressive performance indeed. 

On top of all this, the ingredient is obtained from a renewable source, the castor bean plant. Hydrolite® 7 green maximizes sustainability along the entire supply chain. With all of these features, Hydrolite® 7 green is not only the ideal solution for “classic” formulations, it is also predestined as an ingredient in all “green” formulations. 

Dr Koroskenyi, how long did it take to develop this new molecule? 

At Symrise we always say that we are one step ahead when it comes to product protection. Hydrolite® 7 green development took several years, but it was definitely worth it!

Let me also underscore that behind such innovation there is, of course, a strong and highly qualified team; scientists, product managers, marketing specialists and consumer insights experts all collaborate seamlessly and very productively at our company.

On the topic of “green”: what influence did trend and consumer research have on product development? 

A very significant one. We are very focused on Consumer & Market Insights globally – and we have long been keeping a close watch on trends and developments in our markets. We recognized very early on that sustainability is a global movement, it isn’t going away and will continue to evolve. However, that being said, sustainability used to be synonymous with pure nature, hence the term “green”. Today, though, sustainability “from a laboratory” is no longer a contradiction in terms. The use of renewable ingredients is backed up by a lot of research. At the same time, alongside the desire for sustainability comes a desire for a limited number, or fewer, ingredients, but ones with a high degree of versatility. A multifunctional like Hydrolite® 7 green ticks all these boxes. 

Which role does sustainability have in your strategy and research efforts?

As a leading producer of cosmetic ingredients Symrise puts great emphasis on sustainability in all areas of the company – Scent & Care as well as Flavor and Nutrition. It plays a key role in our core business and beyond. At Micro Protection our objective is to support customers in their sustainable transition.

Hydrolite® 7 green fits perfectly into our sustainability strategy which is based on the four pillars footprint, innovation, sourcing and care. Hydrolite® 7 green ticks off all of these boxes. 

The brand new molecule does have a certain heritage, as there is already Hydrolite® 5 green…

Our history in product protection started 30 years ago, and we are absolute pioneers in this field. In 1992, we created Hydrolite® 5, the first 1.2-alkanediol on the cosmetics market. From there, we continued on to multifunctionals such as SymSave® H, which not only protect products, but also offer added cosmetic value. From synthetic raw materials, our path took us to nature-identical raw materials and from there to natural raw materials. Hydrolite® 5 green is based on bagasse, a side stream of sugar production from sugar cane; with Hydrolite® 7 green we are using side streams of the castor plant transformation. 

For Symrise, innovation in product protection also means supporting our customers in their product development on a daily basis. Last year we launched HOGO, a comprehensive online platform and database that allows formulators to immediately obtain a list of suitable ingredients for preserving cosmetic products at anytime, anywhere around the world. 

As you can see, it is a continuous development in every respect and we have no intention of resting on our laurels.

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