Interview mit Max Chabert - Global Marketing Manager Home & Hygiene, Solvay

Max Chabert

Solvay’s Actizone ™ Technology has recently been awarded with the Henkel Innovation and Sustainability award in Home Care. What were the criteria for this award?

The evaluation criteria take into account the following. The invention must have an application:

  • Provide demonstrable improvement or advantage over current approaches
  • Be relevant to the consumer
  • Be demand-based

The level of innovation and its potential is then evaluated together with its feasibility and implementation costs.

Can you tell us more about this technology behind Actizone ™?

Actizone technology allows the design of unique disinfectant cleaners with long lasting antimicrobial protection in real life conditions, i.e. when surfaces are exposed to multiple contacts and contaminations. Actizone is based on a unique polymer technology that, when appropriately formulated, specifically interacts with quaternary ammonium biocides to deposit them in a submicronic invisible film on the surfaces cleaned.

Can it be used as Covid-19 disinfectant?

Yes we have demonstrated that Actizone F5 long lasting disinfectant cleaner was active against SARS-COV-V2 responsible of COVID19 infections.

What is the sustainability factor of Actizone?

For this first generation of Actizone long lasting disinfectant cleaner, and in the COVID19 pandemic context, we have focused on performance. We have based our products on quaternary ammonium biocidal actives that only bring limited sustainability benefits. We are working on improving our sustainability factor.

How do you assist formulators in the Home Care and Cleaning markets with your experience?

Actizone technology is the results of several years of development by skilled PhD scientists in our laboratories. In particular, a lot of formulation work has been carried out to combine best in class cleaning performances, premium fast-kill disinfection, and the unique long lasting continuous protection against microbial contamination. With this experience we can support formulators to improve the performances of their disinfectant cleaner and incorporate our revolutionary Actizone polymer technology for long-lasting benefits.


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