Glyclean™ D – Utilizing the Power of Nature to Clean and Disinfect

Interview with Jeff Horsager, Global Business Manager

Your motto is: WE ARE A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHEMISTRY COMPANY. What do you mean by this?

It begins with the fact that we are a 200-year-old company with the  agility and energy of a start-up company.  We bring the best of the DuPont Company heritage and combine it with the newness of a 7-year-old start-up company.  We make decisions faster; we empower our employees to make a difference in the markets they serve and the communities in which they live; and have the drive and capability to meet major needs of our customers and society in general.

When you say that you want to “improve people’s lives with our chemistry,” how does this vision reflect in your products?

There is no better example in the Chemours Company today than our Glyclean™ D line of products based upon glycolic acid.  Although we have manufactured glycolic acid for over 80 years, its ability to clean and disinfect in a single step is vital in today’s environment.  We want to control the spread of bacteria and viruses, but we also need agents that will clean those surfaces as well.  And as much as the world is interested in disinfection, they want to do it as safely as possible and with as little impact on the world around them.  With Glyclean™ D products, we can live in a cleaner and safer world without comprising our environment or the safety of people around us.  

You launched Glyclean-D late last year. What is Glyclean-D and how does it fit in your company philosophy?

Our Glyclean™ D products are based upon glycolic acid, which is a naturally occurring organic acid that is found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  We eat and drink it every day.  Although not extracted from nature, our glycolic acid is identical to that found in nature.  We are using the extraordinary properties of glycolic acid to meet tough standards and expectations from consumers around the world. Glyclean D products offer excellent anti-microbial properties, great cleaning properties, and physical properties that make it highly desirable in clean and disinfecting formulations. Glyclean D is certified by the EPA to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 as well as a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.  It is readily biodegradable and friendlier to people and the environment.

You will attend the Sepawa Congress in Berlin / Germany for the first time this year. What are your expectations for the event?

Our primary objective is to increase the market awareness of Glyclean D and make formulators and marketers aware of the positive attributes it brings to disinfecting surfaces.  But we also want feedback and market information from our existing and potential new customers: what is needed and desired in future European clean and disinfect formulations.  We also want to keep our customers informed as to where we stand in the EU and GB BPR process.  We are very much looking forward to the event in October.  We plan to host a Glyclean D webinar in September to help educate our target market ahead of the Sepawa Congress as to the features and benefits of Glyclean D.    

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