Two New Launches in Response to Consumers’ Protection Demand

Interview with Clara Vigo (Product Manager) and Natalia Robles (Product Manager),

Consumers globally demand more beauty products that are both preventing and repairing skin or hair damage. How is Provital meeting this increasing demand for protection?

Well, at Provital, we have realized that consumers are taking a holistic view of their health, because they know more about it, and they now know that it is all about the interconnection within our body’s natural defense systems.

 In the case of skin care, enhancing the skin's natural defenses such as the skin barrier has become paramount. And, while ceramides have long served as a cornerstone ingredient for bolstering skin barrier integrity, its enduring prominence underscores the increasing importance of effective barrier care to achieve the desired skin protection. However, in light of emerging trends around the effect of the exposome or microbiome health, the integration of a comprehensive protection in skincare products emerges as a new holistic dimension. Moreover, in the face of mounting environmental challenges and the omnipresent threat of pollution in our daily lives, the demand for effective skincare solutions that provide robust protection has never been more critical.

In this sense, Provital has just launched Shiloxome™, which not only addresses the escalating concerns of skin health but also acts as a formidable shield against the pervasive pollutants that surround us. This new product is not only tackling holistic protection through a very comprehensive set of omic studies, but it is also harnessing the innate power of the natural world and the synergistic benefits of interkingdom collaboration.


Shiloxome™ is the first of what we call ‘ecosystem ingredients’, our new range of biotech actives powered by our endophyte-based platform Triplobiome™ Technology. This is our new and cutting-edge way of providing the skin with nature’s intelligent adaptative mechanisms fostered after years and years of symbiotic data transfer between plants and its endogenous microorganisms. 

So, thanks to Triplobiome™ Technology, this new ingredient can transfer nature’s ancient wisdom to repair and protect the skin. Right?

Exactly, Shiloxome™ is our 1st ecosystem ingredient, and it harnesses the symbiotic data transfer within the long-living cork oak to activate many barrier restructuring mechanisms on the skin. Plus, we performed a Metabolomic Analysis to identify several bioactive compounds for both human and plant’s physiological processes, hence assessing its synergistic potential.

However, Shiloxome™’s protective efficacy is not just innovative for its symbiotic provenance, but in its efficacy testing. Besides its transcriptomic analysis, and its exposomic research; what’s especially impressive is its in vivo lipidomic analysis. This assesses the improved properties in the whole lipidome profile, and represents a breakthrough in the lipid-improvement mechanisms described in cosmetics so far, as the reduction in the rate of lipid oxidation may elucidate the observed increase in all lipid chain lengths, which directly relates pollution with lipid barrier deterioration.

So, really, a very innovative active ingredient in the field of well-aging skin protection.

And what about hair repair?

As said, Provital always prioritizes catering the needs and demands of our consumers. This commitment has let us to identify a particular concern resonating strongly within the market: hair damage. This issue has garnered considerable attention because when hair becomes damaged, it not only loses its vitality but also becomes fragile, often resulting in breakage and exhibits an aesthetically compromised appearance.

Having understand this, how is Provital meeting this increasing hair care need?

Provital has launched Sealrose™, a product designed specifically to target the challenges commonly associated with this concern that effectively alleviates the distress caused by damaged hair. It combines the essence of nature and beauty to enhance the condition of healthy hair while clearly improving its overall visual appearance through its reparative properties.

This active ingredient 100% natural origin and COSMOS-approved, is the result of a deep collaboration with Serra la Vall, a small family-owned company stablished in Catalonia. Obtained from the seedless pulp of the Rosa canina fruit, a well-known plant recognized as a superfood due to its numerous benefits, Sealrose™ stands as a testament to unlock the secret to have a stunning and irresistible hair.

And how does Sealrose act?

This active ingredient presents a highly effective action which recovers the lipid layer of the hair cuticle, thereby increasing its hydrophobicity after just one application, returning to lipidic levels of healthy hair. Here is important to highlight that the effect persists even after rinse-off. In addition to its lipid layer-restoring properties, Sealrose™ also rejuvenates sensory properties, resulting in a hair that is softer, and easier to manage. Its application in hair repair solutions proves effective in enhancing damaged hair cuticles caused by external factors.

It's clear that Provital is up-to-date with consumer needs, but what marketing opportunities can you propose for both ingredients?

Both Shiloxome™ and Sealrose™ are tackling the already well-known slugging trend. So, we believe that since slugging is a well-established skin and hair care term among the savvy TikTok beauty community, and it consists of using a highly occlusive product as a final routine step to prevent transepidermal water loss and improve the efficacy of ingredients applied underneath the final layer, any end product with Shiloxome™ could profit from the efficacy claims of the ingredient on the whole skin barrier to further educate the consumer on the importance of the lipid barrier to prevent skin aging.

As per Sealrose™ what we can achieve by applying it and following this trend is a hair that is more hydrated, soft, shiny, and healthy, thanks to the efficacy of our active ingredient, also providing consumers with a solution to an increasingly growing problem.

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