inovapotek extended its range of services during the current pandemic outbreak in order to help companies manufacturing and distributing the products in highest demand at this moment. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Biocides, and Medical Devices such as medical masks are products needed and extremely searched for all over the world at this moment, and will continue to be in the nearest future. As a result, many companies are stepping up their regular production, focusing solely on these items and increasing its production to never reached before levels, while other companies are now jumping in this field for the first time, adapting and adjusting their production sites to help face the current demand of hospitals and other health facilities and institutions, nursing homes, as well as supermarkets, pharmacies, and other industries and businesses that need it desperately in order to carry on with daily work in safe conditions.

Although the rush is over the roof, it is of uttermost importance to guarantee all the products made available at this moment are as safe and effective as ever, otherwise, it could terribly endanger many people more. inovapotek is providing full process assistance to companies manufacturing PPE, biocides and medical devices, assuring all requirements of the in-force legislation, international guidelines and testing are met, up until the notification or authorization request process is completed.

Driven by the current situation, inovapotek also made available new services, by adapting previous services such as training and consumer tests.

While providing training services for several years, inovapotek is now providing online training, to stimulate knowledge and new skills, even when at home. The focus is on private training to each company, as after all, the current know-how and the requirements of each company, and of each team are different from one another.

Home-user tests are now available to all companies willing to learn more about the acceptability of their products by consumers. Home-user tests can be done with a wide number of participants, short leading times, and low-cost, making it the perfect option for many. inovapotek is gradually resuming clinical testing at its facilities during the month of May, with new internal procedures taken in place and proper PPE, to ensure the safety and health of the inovapotek team and of all the participants of clinical studies.

On a different note, to respond to the pre-COVID-19 trend, “well-being” testing services are also being launched in 2020, and don’t we all aim for well-being right now?


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