Sustainability expressed by the environmental, social and ethical performance is a core value of the cosmetic industry and has been a crucial focus of Lipoid Kosmetik`s company philosophy since many years. 

Hence, Lipoid Kosmetik is proud to announce that we were awarded the highest EcoVadis Platinum medal which emphasises our continuous effort to strive for a sustainable business practise and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achievement. After being awarded with the Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership award early 2020, and after winning the EcoVadis Gold medal four times in a row, in July 2020 we immediately obtained the newly created Platinum distinction, and, with it, belong again to the top 1% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the manufacture of chemical products n.e.c. industry. 

EcoVadis is an independent rating agency that provides the leading solution for measuring sustainability in global supply chains. By compiling CSR efforts regarding environmental, social, economic impacts and stakeholder relationships, EcoVadis evaluates and ranks more than 65'000 companies across a variety of countries and industries to implement a universal label for sustainability. 

The 2020 EcoVadis Platinum medal recognizes our work to constantly improve CSR processes and documentation and proofs to our customers that we at Lipoid Kosmetik are not only talking about sustainability but actually live it. 

About Lipoid Kosmetik AG 

Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of natural raw materials for the cosmetic and personal care industry. High-quality botanical actives and extracts (Lipoid Kosmetik AG, Switzerland) as well as pharma grade natural lecithins and phospholipids (Lipoid GmbH, Germany) are part of our sophisticated portfolio. 

As a pioneer in these fields, Lipoid Kosmetik has gained an outstanding reputation in the global cosmetic industry over the last 45 years. This long-standing expertise, in combination with the exceptional quality of our portfolio, enables our customers to develop innovative, functional and natural cosmetic products meeting the highest standards.

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