The scientific society of cosmetologists is back in the game. On April 28, 2021, the founding meeting decided to establish the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists, which is a continuation of the Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists. The group initiating the establishment of the organization was led by Prof. Jacek Arct – the doyen of Polish cosmetology – for many years a  cosmetic chemistry lecturer at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology, scientific consultant, former president of the Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists (PTK), founder and long-time rector of the  Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care.

The need of creating an organization bringing together cosmetologists in Poland – union of science people from the academic community and industry - has been discussed  for years. Such organizations successfully operate all over the world. They integrate the scientific community, initiate and support basic scientific research, promote the achievements of cosmetology, conduct trainings and other forms of improving qualifications of cosmetologists, organize scientific conventions and conferences. The discussion gave rise to the idea of ​​returning to the philosophy of ​​the former Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists and establishing a new organization, following its great example. It was  created by 20 participants of the founding meeting. Many of them are former members of Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Among them, there are students, whose master's and doctoral dissertations were supervised by Prof. Jacek Arct. Today they conduct independent scientific activities - often also teaching, have established their own cosmetic companies or support other entities with their knowledge.

I am pleased with the emerging the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists. This is a very important professional group that deserves its own scientific organization. I really hope that scientists from all over Poland will join us - there are no less than 60 strong training centers educating in the field of cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry, cosmetic technology and related technologies. It is worth mentioning - apart from Warsaw - about Kraków, Rzeszów, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań , Radom, Lublin, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Toruń and Bydgoszcz. We invite you to join us! - says Prof. Jacek Arct.

The goals of the Society, which were set out in the statute of the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists adopted during the founding meeting, are primarily: the development of cosmetology, supporting scientific research in the field of cosmetology and related sciences,  supporting  of cosmetologists’ education, promotion of good ethical standards in cosmetology as well as  broadening professional  knowledge  of the Society members and dissemination of scientific information. The Society is also planning  a publishing activity.

We invite employees of academic centers, people related to the cosmetics industry: employees of R&D departments, technologists, employees of production and quality control departments, people involved in the safety assessment of cosmetics, microbiologists, dermatologists, as well as students of cosmetology and related fields to the membership of the the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists - says Dr. Katarzyna Pytkowska  - one of the initiators and founders of the Society, a member of the newly appointed Board of the Society.

During the founding meeting for the first term of office, the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists bodies were appointed - the management board and the audit committee. The new Board  consists of: Prof. Jacek Arct, Anastazja Adamska, Dr Katarzyna Pytkowska, Dr Anna Oborska and Agnieszka Sobkowiak. The Management Board selected the President, whose function was assumed by Dr. Anna Oborska.

Members of the audit committee are: Dr.  Joanna Główczyk-Zubek, Dr. Piotr Nowaczyk, Prof. Tomasz Wasilewski.

By establishing the Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists, we share the joy of returning to the best traditions of the Polish Society of Cosmetic Chemists and we invite all its former members. We also invite people who have not been related to us so far. We have a great enthusiasm for action and many plans. We will apply to join IFSCC and certainly start with educational events. - says Dr. Anna Oborska - President of the Society.

Photo: Dr.  Anna Oborska, Dr Katarzyna Pytkowska, Prof. Jacek Arct

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