The ChemQuest Group, a global consulting firm for the specialty chemicals and materials industry, has launched a new website at

The site has been tailored to better support communication for ChemQuest’s pillars of expertise: business strategy and transformation, technology development, manufacturing excellence and M&A advisory services, as well as the TraQr™ interactive dashboard and forecasting tool, newly introduced to the global paints and coatings industry.

“The industry has come to know us as thought leaders, which differentiates us from other consultants. Our new website furthers our reputation by representing our capabilities as strategic partners. We unlock growth through insight, with a holistic understanding of the interconnected forces that drive trends, impact the market and create risks, affinities and opportunities. As a result, we can help our customers to identify the most valuable levers to pull within all areas of their business,” said Daniel Murad, CEO.

In addition to providing information about ChemQuest’s pillars, the website also contains information about its training programs and a library with market reports, editorial, white papers, videos, podcasts and presentations. Users can sign up for quarterly ChemQuest newsletters to receive news and market information by email.

“Our team of experts has a deep well of industry-specific knowledge for applications such as paints, adhesives, sealants, household cleaners, lubricants and consumer goods. Some insights can be attained through our website’s knowledge portal, our newsletter and TraQr. However, a customized approach is critical to our clients’ success. We encourage using the website as a starting point to get to know ChemQuest before reaching out to discuss specific goals, so we can address pain points and knowledge gaps through a plan specific to that organization. In fact, we encourage visitors to review and submit our NDA online, as all of our work is protected by confidentiality,” Murad said.

About the ChemQuest Group, Inc.

The ChemQuest Group Inc., is widely recognized among raw material suppliers, formulators, and financial investors for its value creation. ChemQuest’s four service pillars include Business Strategy & Transformation; Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures; Manufacturing Excellence; as well as Technology & Application Development through the ChemQuest Technology Institute and ChemQuest Powder Coating Research. ChemQuest services extend across 11 formulated product categories and over 13 end-use markets within the specialty chemicals value chain. Our team includes former senior managers from major manufacturers, business owners, and senior technical managers including Ph.D. chemists, with a minimum of 25 years of experience in specialty chemicals. For more information, visit

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