CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, announced today that it has made extensive progress in expanding biogums production capacity at two of its plant facilities: Okmulgee, Oklahoma, USA and Wulian, China. 

These expansion initiatives are integral pieces of the company’s significant, multi-year investment program focused on advancing both its biogums production capacity and capabilities. Alongside its biogums production facility in San Diego, California, USA, CP Kelco provides its customers with critical supply security through centralized coordination of three geographically distinct production sites for gellan gum, xanthan gum, diutan gum and fermentation-derived cellulose. 

In 2020, the first phase of this expansion was completed at our site in Wulian, China, adding the capability to produce high acyl (HA) gellan gum and increasing overall plant production capacity by 30%. We plan to add low acyl (LA) gellan gum production capability at this facility in 2023. 

CP Kelco is also scheduled to complete an expansion of 40% in production capacity in 2023 at our plant in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Individually and collectively, these initiatives reflect CP Kelco’s commitment to providing world-class customer support and innovation despite the unprecedented challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and exacerbated by rampant inflation and supply chain disruptions. 

“We remain committed to serving our customers worldwide and supporting their growth plans, particularly as the market trends and consumer demands continue to evolve and point toward formulating with nature-based, clean label-friendly and sustainably produced ingredients,” said Didier Viala, President of CP Kelco. “The expansion of our biogums capacity enables us to more effectively collaborate with our customers in developing innovative food, beverage, personal care, home care and other products for consumers.” 

About CP Kelco 

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with approximately 90 years of experience working with food, beverage, consumer and industrial product manufacturers worldwide. We apply ingredient innovation and problem-solving to develop customized solutions that leverage our regional insights, meet manufacturers’ goals and address consumer needs and preferences. 

  • Unique Portfolio. Produces extensive range of high-quality, plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients to formulate tailored solutions. 
  •  Technical Excellence. Offers strong collaboration with a global team of scientists and applications experts, leveraging our regional state-of-the art R&D facilities. 
  • Sustainability. Committed to providing responsibly sourced and produced ingredients. 
  • Market Insights. Understands market and consumer trends to help customers create relevant and innovative products. 

Our key product lines include pectin, gellan gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, diutan gum, refined locust bean gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate, fermentation-derived cellulose and our latest innovation, NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber. Learn more at www.cpkelco.com

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