The Polish Association of the Cosmetic and Detergent Industry (PACDI) is celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, the Board of the Association invites Companies and Individuals cooperating with the cosmetic and detergent industries to participate in the conference "Don’t miss the green - new responsibilities or opportunity? - anniversary forum for the cosmetics and detergent industry”. The conference will take place on October 4, 2022, in Warsaw.

The need to implement changes involving environmental measures is no longer in doubt, although it still raises feelings of uncertainty and sometimes even kind of a fear.

The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will be a special time for the cosmetic and detergent industries, as they face a number of drafts of very important legislative changes to which every company will have to adapt quickly. The changes will affect every manufacturer products and there will certainly be additional costs involved.

  • Look at the environmental and climate challenges as an opportunity to support the economic growth of companies and one of the leading elements of their development strategy. - says Anna Oborska, Ph.D., director general and vice-president of the PACDI -Caring for the environment is enforced on the one hand by changing legislation and on the other by the growing awareness and expectations of consumers.

Environmental issues became a strong driver of consumer choices. Segregating waste, reducing food waste and limiting water consumption are today the most frequently declared pro-environmental behaviors. A growing group clients also declares to seek information about the environmental impact of the products they buy. Many of them are willing to pay a higher price for more environmentally friendly products. Pro-environmental attitudes will be part of building a good image for companies and brands and a sustainable competitive advantage of products in the cosmetic and detergent industries.

  • Participants of the Forum will gain knowledge which will help them to prepare well for changes in the legal environment - on the basis of European and Polish law. - says Anna Oborska, Ph.D. - We will look at the changes from the perspective of both industries - cosmetics and detergents. We will emphasise what is common for them and what is specific.

The keynote speech - referring to the conference title "Don’t miss the green" - will be given by Ms Małgorzata Wadzińska - President of the Polish Association of the Cosmetic and Detergent Industry. Another guest speaker at the conference will be Ms Małgorzata Wenerska-Craps -  Minister Counsellor, Head of Economic and Trade Section, Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU and Andrzej Grzyb Ph.D. - former MEP, currently MP, chairman of the parliamentary New Green Deal Commission.

PACDI has invited representatives of the most important stakeholders for the cosmetic and detergent industries to participate as speakers. Among others, experts from Cosmetics Europe, A.I.S.E., FEA, IKW - Birgit HuberJohn ChaveSascha Nissen and Alain D'Haese - have confirmed their participation and will present the European perspective. During the conference there will be the opportunity to listen to representatives of the Polish authorities. The national perspective on changes in legislation will be presented by Andrzej Kalski Ph.D. from the Bureau of Chemical Substances and Ms Izabela Burzyńska from the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. 

During the Forum also the voice of business representatives - producers, raw material distributors, retailers and business environment organizations - Rekopol and Eko-Pak - will be heard. They will speak about processes of change, for which environmental issues are the main inspiration and target.

PACDI particularly invites:

  • business owners and managers
  • employees from departments responsible for sustainability and environmental projects 
  • employees from quality control, R&D, technology and implementation departments
  • employees from marketing and product development departments

Patrons of the Forum:

  • A.I.S.E.
  • Cosmetics Europe
  • FEA
  • Polish Society of Cosmetic Scientists (PSCS)
  • Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań SA (packaging recovery organisation)
  • SOFW Verlag fuer chemische Industrie H.Ziolkowsky GmbH
  • The Union of Packaging Industry and Packed Products Employers EKO-PAK
  • University of Engineering and Health in Warsaw

Media patronage:

  • Chemia i Biznes
  • Przemysł Kosmetyczny
  • SOFW Journal
  • Świat Przemysłu Kosmetycznego
  • Wiadomości Kosmetyczne
  • Wirtualne Kosmetyki

PACDI invites warmly to the conference "Don’t miss the green - new responsibilities or opportunity? - anniversary forum for the cosmetics and detergent industry".

We have been working for you for 30 years! Members and Friends of PACDI are invited to celebrate together and to toast to the prosperity of our activities. - says Anna Oborska, Ph.D. - Our joint success is the building of an organization in which competing companies - more than 150 entities - are able to interact with each other and jointly build a business-friendly environment. Through our membership in Cosmetics Europe, A.I.S.E. and FEA, we create a united front of national associations as a representation of the European and Polish cosmetics and detergent industry. 



The Polish Association of the Cosmetic and Detergent Industry (PACDI), is the first organization of the cosmetics and detergent industry in Poland, established in 1992. For 30 years, PACDI has been successfully promoting, supporting the development and protecting the interests of the industry and cosmetic and detergent companies. PACDI represents the industry and its members in relations with state administration, the media and other stakeholders - in Poland and in the European Union. It is an active participant in legislative processes - submitting comments and postulates of Member Companies to new and amended legal acts.

Members of the Association are well recognized manufacturers and distributors, as well as retail chains, suppliers of raw materials and other companies cooperating with the cosmetic and detergent industries, including biocidal products. At PACDI, they gain access to up-to-date expertise and support in crisis situations. The Association's experts provide companies with assistance in solving problems related to changes in industry law, often very short transition periods, as well as the lack of uniform regulations in force both in different parts of the world and in the EU itself. For companies active in foreign markets, an additional benefit of membership is the possibility to obtain FSC (Free Sales Certificate) certificates for cosmetics and detergents free of charge. 

PACDI is a member of international industry organizations: Cosmetics Europe, the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products  A.I.S.E. and the European Aerosol Federation (FEA).

In 2021, PACDI launched COSMILE (, the largest online database of cosmetic ingredients in Poland with around 30,000 substances.  It is a reliable, science-based source of information about the properties and effects, as well as the safety of individual ingredients in cosmetic products. 

The Director General of the Polish Association of the Cosmetic and Detergent Industry is Anna Oborska Ph.D.

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