On 15 September at the ceremony of the Sustainable Industry Award organized by L’Usine Nouvelle, Arkema wins the “Environment and natural resources” prize for its new SENSIO™ product range.

With its new SENSIO™ biobased surfactant range, Arkema is the winner of the ‘Environment and Natural Resources’ category of L’Usine Nouvelle magazine’s Sustainable Industry Awards. This prize awards to the best project in the category and reflects Arkema’s ability for innovation and value creation towards sustainable development.

The bio-based SENSIO™ product range

The surfactant range SENSIO™, derived from castor oil, is designed for all formulation types in the detergent market. Thanks to its cleaning and foaming characteristics, it offers many advantages leading to more efficient cleaning products. Due to its origin and biodegradability, the range offers a unique sustainable alternative to traditional products.

Innovation for sustainable development

Arkema places innovation at the heart of its strategy in order to address the societal challenges and contribute to the positive evolution of an ever-changing world.

The Group offers usable, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in such areas of biobased products, new energy sources, water management, electronics solutions, lightweight materials and design, and home efficiency and insulation.

About Arkema:

Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies to address ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials. With the ambition to become in 2024 a pure player in Specialty Materials, the Group is structured into 3 complementary, resilient and highly innovative segments dedicated to Specialty Materials -Adhesive solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions- accounting for some 80% of Group sales, and a well-positioned and competitive Intermediates segment. Arkema offers cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the challenges of, among other things, new energies, access to water, recycling, urbanization and mobility, and fosters a permanent dialogue with all its stakeholders. The Group reported sales of €8.7 billion in 2019, and operates in some 55 countries with 20,500employees worldwide. www.arkema.com

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