As a chemical and hygiene product manufacturer, schülke pursues rapid evolution and development in a sustainable way by striking a balance between our business goals and the rights and benefits of our stakeholders.

As a preservative producer, one of our important aims is to provide our customers and society with innovative and sustainable products. Being aware of our responsibility towards the general public and our stakeholders, and also with the compliance with regulations such as BPR and REACh, means a never ending goal for schülke is continuous optimization of our products. This has lead us to develop innovative preservatives that are more biodegradable to protect our customers and their products in a sustainable manner. To reduce allergy rates we are committed to using the minimum possible amount of actives. With the Hygiene Concept of the parmetol® family, schülke offers a complete range of tailor-made preservatives, each one fulfilling the expectations of customers and the market environments associated with each application. Considering production hygiene as an integral part of the preservation concept is important to optimize the use concentration of the preservatives.

Our sustainable product parmetol® MBX fulfils customers’ needs for example by having a lower use concentration. This results in less consumption of resources and energy and it also means preserved products are less harmful to humans and the environment. With the same benefits, our new products parmetol® SBX and parmetol® BPX feature a more innovative and sustainable approach for optimal use in household applications. 

The products use synergistically acting preservatives togetherwith an integrated production hygiene concept achieving a high efficiency with the lowest possible use concentration. parmetol® PSG is the latest schülke product to highlight our innovative and sustainable approach. Based on nature identical actives that are even allowed for food contact it is analternative approach to our Hygiene Concept. Being free of formaldehyde, free of organic halogens and free of sensitizing substances are amongst its important properties. It specifically does not contain isothiazolinones (e.g. MIT).

To summarize, we as schülke are responsible for ourcustomers satisfaction and our society’s rights and we are proud of having such an approach.

About schülke
schülke is driving its transformation from a tradition-steeped chemical enterprise to a modern partner for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Since 1996, we have been a 100 % subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. With 22 international subsidiaries and a presence in 100 countries, we generate an annual turnover of roughly 335 million Euro. Our headquarters in Norderstedt near Hamburg are the focal point of all our activities. Here, all of our central divisions work hand in hand: from Research and Development, Management, Production and Marketing, to Sales and Logistics. As one of the market leaders in infection control, we provide major impetus from here: for our continuous global growth – and for successful hygiene solutions for our customers.

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