Considering all the personal hygiene routines to be followed, health professionals have always given special importance to the role of hand washing as a preventive measure against different types of disease. 

Today, with the situation caused by the spread of COVID-19, this advice is more evident than ever: the washing of hands can make a real difference when stopping a possible contagion. This makes hand washing and the use of pathogen stopping disinfectant solutions a key action when dealing with the novel COVID-19 virus. 

In this context, Kao, with its commitment to the well-being of people and its vocation in innovation, offers solutions that reinforce our ability to protect ourselves through hand washing and ultimately reverse the upward curve of this pandemic. 

Thus, in times where hand washing is more crucial than ever, Kao offers sanitizing formulations that don't require rinsing. These formulations include spray-applied hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer, alcohol-free hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel and foam hand sanitizer, all of which are made with the total absence of aggressive agents on the skin. 

All these solutions have the moisturizing effect of LEVENOL H&B to leave hands fresh and soft after application, a necessary property when hand washing is more frequent than usual. It is for this reason, that our formulas include this surfactant, which is an 100% active liquid specially developed for hair and body formulas with emollient and foaming properties. 

In this field, KAO solutions also offer options for hand washing with subsequent rinsing. AKYPO® FOAM LM 25 is a mild foaming agent for cleaning products. It is designed to offer an exceptional foam texture during application, ensuring a smooth feel during use. 

When combating COVID-19, to improve the experience of self-disinfecting habits and ensure the continuity of such habits, KAO offers a range of hand sanitizing fragrances. The Deep Clean fragrance collection endows the cleaning routine with bright citrus notes to reinforce the habits of diligent hygiene. 

In accordance with our philosophy and solutions, KAO seeks to increase people's life quality. These solutions, focused on influencing the daily cleaning routine, are essential for the well-being and health of people. Furthermore, all formulas are created with sustainable principles and care for the environment in mind, in line with all KAO initiatives. 

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About Kao Chemicals Europe
The global corporation to which we belong is one of the largest manufacturers of personal care consumer products, detergents, prestige cosmetics, and their basic chemical components.

With a history dating back to 1887 in Tokyo, Kao Group has evolved and expanded to all five continents where it presently operates , and comprises 32.707 employees working for all the group’s companies.

Since our establishing in 1999   Kao members are  fully committed to supplying  value added products and brands that satisfy our customers / consumers needs. As a result, we constantly renew and extend our facilities, leading to the sustained growth we are planning for the future.

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