Knowing the science behind sun care is important when deciding on which ingredients to use in your sunscreen formulations. How do UV filters and antioxidants really work ... and are they enough to protect our customers' skin from photo-aging? 

Hallstar Beauty has created a short video to help you understand what really happens when sunlight reaches skin, and how our Sun Care Solutionsenable efficient, elegant and safe photoprotection by focusing on photostabilization rather than solely on UV filters and antioxidants.

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Our technology allows customers to create sun care that is:

  • Efficient: equal or better performance using fewer different filters or less of one filter
  • Elegant: better skin-feel, more formulation latitude for sensory-enhancing ingredients
  • Safe: elimination of photo-generated ROS and potential side effects from filter decomposition

And we don’t stop there. We have built a sophisticated platform that includes:

  • extensive Formulated Solutions that cater to the latest sun care trends
  • a sunscreen performance Testing platform offering scientific, repeatable and reproducible in vitro evaluation
  • innovative Visualization technology showing users the effectiveness of their sun care and other beauty products

To learn more about creating efficient, elegant and safe sun care solutions, contact Product Manager Eileen Zhang at

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