Regardless of when or where you would like to educate yourself: now the training courses for safety assessors of the German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics (DGK) and the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW) can also be booked as a webinar.

For more than 20 years cosmetics manufacturers have had to subject each product prior to its launch in the EU to a comprehensive health safety assessment. This is mandatory by European cosmetics legislation. The concept of advanced training courses for safety assessors has been made available by the IKW and DGK e.V. These courses offer an orientation towards practice and clarity, presented by renowned and competent lecturers.

Being aware of travel restrictions and budget limits, DGK e.V. and IKW made efforts to offer the course modules in a digital form. These webinars allow for more flexibility in terms of timing and cause less costs, as travel and accommodation expenses are obsolete. Birgit Huber, Head of the Competence Partner Beauty Care: “The EC Cosmetics Regulation is considered as one of the strictest cosmetics legislations in the world. The safety assessors are very important because their expert knowledge ensures that a cosmetic product meets all the statutory requirements. We are pleased to note that other countries, too, have an interest in these high safety standards and we are ready to share our current knowledge online.”

Now six course modules are available as webinars in English. The offer will be supplemented in autumn by the addition of one further module completing the full course cycle. After each course an online examination can be made, which qualifies for a certificate. Following the successful participation in all individual courses, the overall participation is confirmed at the end. Persons who meet the statutory requirements concerning their basic education and who have additionally attended three practical DGK/IKW seminars for safety assessors within three years can apply for the “DGK Safety Assessor” certificate.

More information on course contents and registration modalities are available on

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