At this year’s SEPAWA, Omya is excited to update visitors on its personal and home care product portfolios: Within its cleansing agents range, the ingredients Omyacare® S 75-KP and Omyacare® S 95-KP have recently been approved by ECOCERT as COSMOS raw materials and gained NATURE certification. And for toothpaste applications, Omyadent®200 is a novel solution to address dentin hypersensitivity (DH). Attendees will also learn about the multiple ways in which mineral ingredients can create a new generation of functional, yet eco-friendly, end products - for example, surface cleaners based on marble, dolomite or limestone. 

Variety of applications

The Omyacare® brand comprises bright-white particles sourced from natural minerals that work as cleansing agents with different grades of abrasiveness, and are thus adjustable according to the desired color, viscosity and texture of toothpaste and rinse-off applications. Thanks to the diversity of particle sizes within the Omyacare® product range, a huge variety of different applications are possible, such as bar soap, toothpaste, tooth tabs or handwash tabs. Underlining the company’s commitment to maximum sustainability, the Omyacare® varieties S 75-KP and S 95-KP are now approved by the non-profit ECOCERT organization for raw materials to be natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Tackling teeth sensitivity

Drawing on its vast expertise in developing advanced mineral ingredients, Omya has added Omyadent®200 to its dental ingredients line. This new grade of particle is highly efficient for desensitizing toothpaste applications. The co-processed mineral has an outer shell of hydroxyapatite, the main constituent of enamel and dentin, Dentin hypersensitivity can be treated by blocking dentin tubules, thus preventing irritations and dentinal fluid movement. Thanks to its tailored small particles, Omyadent® 200 penetrates the tubules and effectively occludes them, while the hydroxyapatite shell makes it resistant to acid attack.

Particles for perfect polish

When it comes to the home care segment, Omya’s spotlight at SEPAWA is on surface cleaners. Depending on the individual product purpose, there are different mineral bases available, such as marble, dolomite or limestone. Ingredients of the brands Omyadol® and Omyacarb® deliver outstanding absorption properties, adjustable abrasivity and good polishing ability – all without harming environmental ecosystems. The cost-efficient, brilliant white and natural particles not only meet the highest expectations in terms of efficiency and sustainability, but also enhance the look and feel of finished products.

Distribution network expansion

All minerals can be combined with ingredients from the company’s huge distribution portfolio. Its long-standing expertise and collaboration with certified producers mean that the company is able to provide a guaranteed sustainable supply for its customers. Omya is therefore happy to announce its collaboration with Aspanger, a producer of functional mineral substances and grinder of special mineral products. For its distribution portfolio, Omya focuses on Aspanger’s natural MICA products, namely high quality and pure minerals which act as functional solutions in personal care products, such as decorative cosmetics and those with pearlescent pigments, and oral care. 

Spotlight on science

During the SEPAWA Congress, Omya will participate in a Scientific Poster Session with the topic “Disruptive carrier acts as sequestrant by enhancing performance and sustainability profile in automatic dishwashers“. (Exposition Poster 21). 

About Omya Group 

Omya International AG is a leading global producer of industrial minerals – mainly derived from calcium carbonate, dolomite and perlite – and a worldwide distributor of specialty ingredients.

In the Consumer Goods segment, Omya offers innovative solutions based on high purity natural minerals and complementary ingredients that comply with the most stringent regulatory and quality standards targeting the food, personal care, pharma, petcare, homecare and filtration markets.

Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya has a global presence extending to more than 175 locations in over 50 countries with 9,000 employees. Committed to implementing the principles of sustainability at all company levels, Omya provides added value products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the essential needs of current and future generations.

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