On October 30, the 31st IFSCC Congress 2020 Yokohama (The Virtual Congress) has ended successfully after 10 days with regret of many people. 

Affected by COVID-19, this Congress changed to a Virtual one for the first time ever, but over 1500 people from around the world have attended the Congress. 

Participants have viewed 436 presentations (69 Podiums, 367 Posters) on-demand for 10 days and communicated with presenters using functions like the Q&A chat and Like! button. 

The Congress had also been fruitful through social events like the Opening Ceremony including the Distinguished Lecture by the Nobel Prize Winner Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi, Ph.D., the President Transition Ceremony, the Award Ceremony and brilliantly summed up by the Closing Ceremony held on the final day of the Congress. 

These Events had been very impressive expressing “Japaneseness” like the Japanese Traditional Performing Art Noh “Shakkyo” in the Opening Ceremony or the “sanbonjime” using wooden clappers in the Closing Ceremony. 

Followed by many cosmetic research results, the following 3 presentations have been awarded. 

Applied Research Award


“A perfusable vascularized full-thickness skin model for topical and systemic 


Dr. Sacha Salameh (L’OREAL, France) 

Basic Research Award


“New horizon in skincare targeting the facial-morphology-retaining 

dermal ”dynamic belt”- Revolution in skin analysis: “4D-digital skin” technology-“ 

Dr. Tomonobu Ezure (Shiseido Co., LTD., Japan) 

Poster Award


“How can we control unpleasant body malodor effectively? Development of novel fragrances using the olfactory receptor technology.” 

Mr. Hisashi Mihara (Takasago International Corporation, Japan) 

We believe that the latest results of cosmetic research, presented on this Congress, will lead the cosmetics industry in the future. 

As the theme of this Congress “Beauty & Happiness- Pushing Boundaries” expresses, we believe that these latest results of cosmetic research will provide more beauty and happiness to people around the world, so let us expect further development of cosmetic industry. 

About FSCC The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. https://ifscc.org

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