Worldwide, scalp care is booming. The interest in and market for scalp care products is a challenge for the cosmetic scientist. It is difficult enough to develop an effective scalp care product, but the demand for ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ cosmetics does not make this task any easier. ‘Leave-on’ formulations will lead to better efficacy from a cosmetic formulation, but most people are more inclined to use ‘rinse-off’ products like shampoos and conditioners. They expect these products to not just work for their hair, but for their scalp as well. So, the challenge is tremendous: how to find an active ingredient, which is natural and effective, even from a rinse-off formulation?

This is the question we also asked ourselves at CLR. To answer this question, we needed an active ingredient which we know is very potent in its activity and can ‘stick’ to the skin and even stay on when used in a rinse-off formulation. This product needs to be proven to make skin healthier and more robust and less sensitive and less dry. We found the answer in ProRenew Complex CLR™.

With all the knowledge we have about ProRenew Complex CLR™ and the tremendous trust we have in it, we did a study. 40 people with problematic scalp took part in the study. Half of these people used a placebo-shampoo and the other half used the same shampoo, but containing ProRenew Complex CLR™. The results were even better than we had expected them to be. After a month of using these shampoos, the scalp of those volunteers who used the shampoo with ProRenew Complex CLR™ was in better condition and clearly less oily. Itch was reduced and also the volunteers reported that their scalp felt much healthier and less dry than with the placebo.

ProRenew Complex CLR™ is natural, vegan, it is a postbiotic ingredient and, above all, it is tremendously efficacious. Postbiotic, fermented ingredients might be a trend right now, but, if done right (which we have been doing for more than 40 years), these technologies are tremendously powerful……even from rinse-off formulations.

Natural Biotic Shampoo

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Healthy and beautiful hair starts with healthy scalp. This natural shampoo deeply cares for hair and scalp in one step. Three highly potent active ingredients work synergistically together for beautiful hair and a balanced scalp.

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Biome Friendly Scalp Toner

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This multifunctional scalp toner with a slight cooling effect leaves your scalp deeply purified, soothed and refreshed. The highly effective combination of CutiBiome CLR™, ProRenew Complex CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™ provides the scalp with a healthy balance.

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