As much as sunshine makes us feel good, sunlight is full of hidden dangers and challenges. There is no going around it, sun protection is a must and is even significantly beneficial when there is no sunshine but a cloudy sky. We all know that the radiation from the sun stresses and inflames the skin and accelerates the skin’s aging processes. 80% of all visible signs of aging are said to originate from UV radiation. Sunlight does much more than that, though. It greatly impacts overall skin health, a major consumer concern. Consumers associate healthy skin with softness, smoothness and attractiveness where their skin is robust, radiant and well-moisturized with an even tone and not sensitive. Sunlight has a negative impact on all these features.

The decline in the skin’s immunological properties lies at the heart of all the skin problems related with sunlight. The loss of the immunological capacity to repair sunlight-induced damage is the main issue behind photoaging. This also goes for the skin’s ability to restore its physical barrier function after exposure to sunlight. Skin which is immunologically strong will be less inflamed after radiation from the sun. Vitamin D plays an important role in the skin’s immune capacity.


  • AnnonaSense CLR™ - goal-oriented solution for balanced skin 
  • MultiMoist CLR™ - osmotic balance with vitamin D-like effects
  • ProRenew Complex CLR™ - postbiotic solution for skin and it’s microbiota

Cooling Silk Emulsion

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The luxurious emulsion leaves skin with a silky feeling and has a slight cooling effect. CutiBiome CLR™ provides a pure complexion. CutiGuard CLR™ and ProRenew Complex CLR™ support skin effectively in aging better.

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Cooling After Sun Mist

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The cooling After Sun Mist provides an easy to use natural solution for sun-stressed skin. The cooling effect calms stressed skin immediately, while the highly effective combination of MultiMoist CLR™ and AnnonaSense CLR™ sustainably provides hydration and balance. .

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