Expanding Expertise in Formula Development
Ms Sabrina Gröne joined the new CARE Studio, IOI Oleo GmbH’s Applications Laboratory, on 01.04.2019, where she enriches the team as an Application Engineer. Her activities there include the development of novel raw materials and the generation of consumer-relevant data as well as innovative and tailor-made cosmetic formulations.

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Following her studies in Cosmetic and Detergent Technology in Lemgo, Ms Gröne successfully completed her Bachelor’s thesis at Dr. Straetmans GmbH in 2012. As a newly graduated cosmetic technologist, she participated within the department for application technology in the preparation of technical data on raw materials. Within a short time, she led a team in the area of development, evaluation and testing of raw materials and formulations. Furthermore, Ms Gröne actively supported the sales department with her technical know-how.

IOI Oleo already started the technical expansion of the CARE Studio with Ms Neha Sahu as an Application Engineer. She completed her professional training in the field of Cosmetic Technology. 

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Ms Sahu comes from India, where she gained initial experience in the areas of sales and product development. In her previous position with BASF, she received numerous awards for innovative non-drip hair dyes, the replacement of AOS in bath soaps with biologically degradable surfactant, and her contribution to increasing turnover in diverse markets by offering relevant formulations.
She complements our team with her knowledge of consumer insights, trends in the Asian market and formulations for the areas of skin and sun care.

Reinforcement for the Sales Team
We are glad to have gained Ms Svenja Emmerich for our Personal Care Sales Team. 

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With more than 10 years’ experience in the Personal Care industry, including sales activities for Sasol in Latin America, Ms Emmerich will be responsible for the following markets: South-Eastern Europe (SEE), Turkey, the Middle East and South America.
Ms Emmerich has excellent expertise in the growth development of the regions entrusted to her.

About IOI Oleo:
IOI Oleo GmbH is a German-based producer of raw materials for the Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Food industries. Focusing on specialty ingredients, IOI Oleo’s 280 employees work at 3 different locations in Germany. As a founding member of RSPO, the IOI Group has always been an advocate for sustainable palm oil. In 2017 IOI Oleo also became a supporter of FONAP, a European non-profit organization supporting sustainable palm oil. IOI Oleo also offers many palm-free products within its portfolio of specialties.


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