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Summertime is time for holiday, being outside and radiant, sun-kissed skin. But while traveling can be relaxing for your mind, body, and soul, it’s equally stressful for your skin! Especially long-distance flights can bring your skin out of balance.
Cabin air is extremely dry with humidity levels lower than 20%. Skin will lack moisture and dry out faster. Dry skin may also overcompensate with increased oil production to counteract dry air, resulting in skin blemishes and spots. Travel stress can increase skin redness and inflammatory conditions. Inactivity as well as too much salt intake through snacks during a long flight possibly causes water retention, which can lead to facial puffiness.
To fight these stressful conditions and leave the plane with a healthy holiday glow, there are three steps essential for your travel skin care routine:
  • Cleansing
    To avoid blemishes and spots and for a perfectly prepared skin it needs to be deeply purified.
  • Moisturizing
    To fight the negative effects of dry air skin needs highly effective moisturizing benefits in a rich formulation.
  • Strengthening
    To help skin to stay in balance it needs support from smart active ingredients.
Discover some of our most beneficial active ingredients for your healthy holiday glow.

Velvet Touch Face Gel

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This face gel provides skin with a holistic and effective answer to its most important needs in a stressful environment and is especially developed for skin which needs support to stay hydrated. MultiMoist CLR™ has dual activity. It works from the ‘top down’ enabling the upper layers of skin to hold on to much needed water, for skin to maintain or re-obtain its barrier function and smoothness. It also works from the ‘bottom up’, by increasing much-needed Vitamin D metabolism in skin.
ProRenew Complex CLR™ works from the ‘bottom up’ too. It supports the biological mechanisms inside the skin which are responsible for its renewal processes. These are accelerated and improved, therefore skin becomes more robust. AnnonaSense CLR sustainably stabilizes a healthy homeostasis in skin. It reduces sensitivity and itching and skin appearance, well-being and quality of life are clearly improved.

Purifying Face Cleansing Gel

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Cleansing is not just about removing dirt or makeup from the skin. Today’s consumer wants much more. After cleansing, skin needs to look clean and immaculate. It also needs to feel clean, smooth and indulged.
Infused with MultiMoist CLR™ the mild formula deeply hydrates skin and leaves it purified, smooth and revitalized in one step. ProRenew Complex CLR™ is based on probiotic technology and helps the skin to strengthen the immunological capacity. With this face cleansing gel the skin is purified, moisturized and strengthened for a silky soft touch and a healthy even complexion.

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