Formulation ID: C.SK.20.30HPC

PhaseTrade NameINCISupplier%
A   Aqua   94,30
ÆCTive® Ectoin ROELMI HPC 0,50
  Aqua, CI 42051   q.s.
BiosControl® Synergy PHE Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin ROELMI HPC 0,80
B PrincipHYAL® (1800-2200) Sodium Hyaluronate ROELMI HPC 1,00
C   Polysorbate-20   2,00
  Parfum   0,40
D   Alcohol   1,00
Total    100,00

Chemical Physical Parameters

  • Appearance: TRANSPARENT GEL
  • Colour : BLUE
  • pH: 5,5-6,5
  • Density (g/ml): n.a.
  • Viscosity (BrookField Mod. RVDV-E 230 s=05, rpm=50): 2000-5000 cP
  • Centrifuge (1 cycle*3000rpm*15’): n.a.
  • Stability (3 months at 4, 25, 40°C): YES
  • Dropping point (°C): n.a.
  • Surfactant actives content: n.a.

Manufacturing Method

  1. Weight one by one the components of Phase A, under stirring, until complete dissolution; if necessary heat at 35+/-2°C;
  2. Add Phase B, into Phase A under stirring until complete dissolution;
  3. Prepare Phase C under stirring;
  4. Add Phase C into A+B;
  5. Add Phase D into Phase A+B+C and adjust the pH.


The formulation above is based on our best knowledge and is provided only as an indication. The end user must verify himself the applicative characteristics, the stability as well as the existence of a patent. The company ROELMI HPC does not give any guarantee and disclaims all responsibility for the use of this formulation. It is intended for operators and technicians only.
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