Fabric Conditioner

Water ad 100%
REWOQUAT® WE 18 6.8 – 11.1%
REWO® Scent G 100 0.2 – 0.9%
Perfume oil 0.2 – 0.6%
Dyestuff, preservative  


Heat water to approx. 40 °C, slowly disperse in the REWOQUAT® WE 18, itself at approx. 50 °C, and cool to approx. 30 °C, then slowly add the REWO® Scent G 100 and finally the perfume oil.

The final viscosity, for a good stability reasons, should be min. 500mPas. (Brookfield LVT Sp 2, 30 rpm, 20 °C.)

Recommendation: Addition REWO® Scent G 100 before the perfume

Tipp: Add lavender perfume for better sleep!


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