Category: Hair Care 

Sensoveil Soft is a proprietary technology applied to hair care formulations, which delivers conditioning and lipid reposition by intermolecular attraction forces. It forms a biofilm on the hair surface that acts as a bridge between the hair fiber and oils present in its composition. In this way, we can say it is a delivery system. This mechanism of action evenly spreads over the hair fiber, improving lipid replacement and conditioning properties, including hair softness. In vitro results have shown in relation to silicon and other natural ingredients: Film-forming capacity without build-up; 16.7% reduction of frizz; 2.8 times improvement of hair combability. Sensoveil Soft is a natural and versatile technology and provides noticeable conditioning in the first application on the hair. It is 100% biodegradable, which may be used in vegan products and as an alternative to silicone-free and lanolin derivatives-free claims. 

Sensoveil Soft test high res

Category: Skin Care 

Searching for a non-invasive alternative of skin fillers, Chemyunion has developed Cellfie, a vegetable ingredient with a precise and efficient delivery system to stimulate adipogenesis by stimulating adiponectin in order to reduce the signs of aging, promoting a remarkable rejuvenation with natural looking. This new active eases structural aging due to lipoatrophy, upregulating adiponectin by 122%, being significantly superior to the benchmark (27%), despite being at a concentration 10 times lower. Clinical studies have shown that Cellfie performed on different regions of the face. In vivo results have shown: 

  • reduction on area, length and depth of perioral wrinkles up to 28%, 30% and 9% 
  • reduction on area, length and depth of smile lines up to 60%, 47% and 29% 
  • reduction on area, length and depth of nasolabial lines up to 23%, 25% and 8% 

Cellfie clinical test high res

About Chemyunion:
Everyday at Chemyunion we create and develop innovative ingredients for personal care, health and home sectors, aligned with market trends. Our capabilities in delivery systems, plant extraction and organic synthesis provide maximum efficacy and safety in each ingredient, adding perceived value to our customers’ finished formulas, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands. Discover how easy it is to innovate with Chemyunion.


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