High-end emulsifying with a velvety feel: WeylCare® CetylP is a flexible to use anionic PEG-free oil/water emulsifier with a HLB of 9.6. It is suitable to emulsify high amounts of oils and give excellent stability for difficult to emulsify emulsions like sun care formulations. WeylCare® CetylP is derived natural according to ISO 16128, EO & halogen-free and can be used in almost all application areas including sensitive skin care, baby products and natural cosmetics. For more information, please visit www.weylchem.com 

About WeylChem Performance Products: 
WeylChem develops and markets products and solutions for the Personal Care and Home Care industry. We are a supplier with a specialized product range consisting of actives, emulsifiers, rheology modifiers and preservative boosters. Our people continuously enhance our product portfolio with new developments and applications. Due to our broad scientific and technological expertise combined with large-scale chemical production units, we add value to our customer’s products and formulations.  

About WeylChem Group of Companies: 
WeylChem Group of Companies is the fine chemicals platform of International Chemicals Investors Group. With nine companies in Europe and North America, WeylChem employs more than 1,380 people. The Group is a global leader in Custom Manufacturing of Specialty Chemicals and supplies its customers with a wide range of advanced intermediates and reagents for diverse applications. 

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