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Consumers are well informed and demanding. Concerns about health of body & mind as well as concerns about the future of our planet play an important role for the way people live their lives and their purchasing decisions. The current situation has further strengthened this mentality. Priorities have shifted, the focus is back on the essentials, and with tighter budgets, each product has to prove its value.

Functionality and safety are at least as important as the ‘feel good-factor’ of using cosmetics. Importantly, the promise made must be well-founded. The effectiveness and safety must be proven scientifically and rigorously and only credible corporate ethics will ensure the sustainability of the product and the processes through which it is obtained.

CLR has a holistic and well-founded approach to responsible research. We care for the body with goal-oriented and effective active ingredients with the aim to be relevant for the consumer, always backed by scientific studies. We care for the mind by targeting unmet, but essential skincare needs and their impact on quality of life to provide relief and a sustainable feeling of well-being. We care for nature as we use the most modern methods and technology available – for products which are potent, relevant, natural and safe.

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To illustrate our responsible research for body, mind & nature, we developed the “Total Balance” formulation series.

Discover all formulations and the key ingredients in our Formulation Lab.

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Hydra Balance Hand Cream Bar

Hands are easily stressed though exposure to disinfection and frequent washing. To keep them smooth and soft they need extra care. The Hand Cream Bar provides a sustainable and effective solution whether at home or on the go.

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Back to Balance Eye Serum

The appearance of your eye area is an important feature of the way you are perceived by others – especially when wearing a face mask. Stress and a lack of sleep can easily make you look tired. This highly effective serum supports you with a triple complex to look your best in one simple step.

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