Regulating the scalp microbiota

Scalp care is an incredibly strongly growing segment in the personal care market. Consumers put a large emphasis on the health of their skin, scalp and microbiome. They recognize that everything is intertwined. Healthy scalp means healthy hair. Healthy microbiome means healthy skin. The goal is to keep the balance. Therefore, consumers are actively searching for solutions that are natural and mild, highly effective, fast and trustworthy.

CutiBiome CLR™ was launched earlier this year to cater to these consumers. Next generation skin microbiota research succeeded in the development of a highly effective solution that supports the skin in regaining its natural and healthy balance with its microbiota. It is a synergistic complex of lipophilic extracts from Manuka, Black Pepper and Magnolia with the power of nature and ancient wisdom inspired by Maori, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

In our studies it showed to have potent effects on dandruff and acne and can be used in many skin and scalp care concepts. In our latest study we looked at the microbiota of dandruff scalp, with impressive results.

We were able to show that CutiBiome CLR™ helps the skin microbiota to come back to a more normal and healthy state. In this study it even outperformed Piroctone Olamine, a well-known benchmark anti-dandruff ingredient. This is another great example of the power of nature. By making use of what nature can provide us with, we can come to convincing results and satisfy the needs of the modern consumer without the negative side effects of established benchmark products. CutiBiome CLR™ is extremely efficacious, acts on both the skin and its microbiota, it is natural and, of course, safe.

Hydra Balance Hand Cream Bar

02 CLR NL 20 10 ScalpSerum

This multifunctional scalp serum with a slight cooling effect leaves your scalp deeply purified, soothed and refreshed. The highly effective combination of CutiBiome CLR™AnnonaSense CLR™ and MultiMoist CLR™ provides the scalp with a healthy balance. While MultiMoist CLR™ provides instant hydration, AnnonaSense CLR™ makes scalp less sensitive and CutiBiome CLR™ potently reduces dandruff and supports the scalp microbiota to return to its normal healthy state.

In addition, this formulation can be also used on the face as cooling After Shave Serum or Balancing Day Care.

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Stay Cool 3 in 1 Scalp Serum

03 CLR NL 20 10 ScalpTonic

This Scalp Tonic effectively fights dandruff, reduces irritation and hydrates in one simple step. Using micellar technology, it leaves scalp deeply purified.

MultiMoist CLR™ provides an osmotic balance moisturizing scalp and hair. CutiBiome CLR™ reduces scalp oiliness, sensitivity and itch and highly effective fights dandruff while supporting the scalp microbiota to return to its normal healthy state.  Your scalp will be nourished and well balanced for an all-day long feeling of comfort and beautiful hair.


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