Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH) today announced their new line of gentle deodorant (“deo”) actives is growing. The newest product, sensidin™ pure skin multifunctional provides powerful and fast efficacy against odor-causing bacteria at very low use concentrations while respecting the individual microbiome. 

“The combination of active ingredients represents a contemporary deo solution in a category of goods that continues to grow,” said Karin Stoffels, head of product development microbial protection, Ashland. “For the consumer, sensidin pure skin multifunctional acts even before body odor develops by inhibiting the growth and multiplication of odor-causing bacteria on the skin very quickly.”  

The new product includes Octenidine HCl, an active ingredient with antimicrobial properties and the popular natural solvent and humectant, 1,3-Propanediol.  

“With sensidin pure skin multifunctional Ashland takes deodorant protection to a new level. This very fast acting product provides a long-lasting and reliable deodorant protection as demonstrated in a 48 hours sniff test,” said Karin Stoffels. “Furthermore, a third-party study investigated the influence of sensidin pure skin multifunctional on the healthy microbiome in the axilla. The study concluded that the microbiome is resilient and remained unchanged after 48 hours.” 

“Sensidin pure skin multifunctional is safe in-use and gentle on the skin,” said  Anne Gückel, senior application scientist, Ashland. “A big advantage for our customers is that it is easy to incorporate in formulations and suitable for all typical deodorant formats globally including aerosol sprays.”  

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™ Trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries.

* results were found from a study at a third-party institute that investigated the influence of sensidin pure skin multifunctional on the healthy microbiome in the axilla, and confirmed that the microbiome remained resilient and unchanged after 48 hours

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