India's leading manufacturer of surfactants and specialty care ingredients, Galaxy Surfactants has launched a pioneering shampoo bar base, Galseer™ Tresscon that aims to address the needs of the sustainability-conscious evolved consumer. 

Galseer™ Tresscon has been conceptualized with the deep thought of extending the sustainability quotient of modern-day personal care products from the existing supply chain and manufacturing cycles to now the entire lifecycle of the product. This includes the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, logistics & distribution, consumer use and disposal stages across the value chain. In this context, solid bars for shampoos prepared with a solid surfactant system find best-fit value as it enables multiple sustainability elements such as reducing the usage of fuel, space, utilities & water. Moreover, the ingredients used are also sustainable and are derived from our patented amino acid-based green chemistry. 

The most noteworthy aspect, however, is that this solid surfactant system, Galseer™ Tresscon can help fuel a transformational impact to the environment wherein 1,000,000 bottles of shampoo if replaced with it can save 50 MT of plastic from being disposed of (Source: Galaxy Internal Research). This is huge considering that every year over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced out of which about 14 million end up in the oceans. 

For end-user, the benefits of Galseer™ Tresscon beyond the sustainability aspect include the shampoo bar being mild on the scalp, free from silicon, paraben, micro-plastic, mineral oils and sulfates, possessing high naturality index, providing luxurious lather, enriched with the goodness of sustainable amino acid chemistry, silicon-free superior sensory and infused with natural oils. 

From manufacturers of hair care brand perspective, the pertinent benefit is in form of performance-oriented Galseer™ Tresscon being easy to process in existing manufacturing setups, allowing manufacturers to add additives and other ingredients at their end to enhance product features without any hassle. 

On the launch, Mr. K.K. Natarajan, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Surfactants said, "Through Galseer™ Tresscon, our endeavour is to address the prevailing gap in the market towards the need to have a performance-oriented shampoo bar that imparts excellent conditioning and foaming characteristics while ensuring its superior attributes are backed by intensive qualitative & quantitative studies. We look forward to partnering with sustainability-focused personal care brands to jointly drive home the objectives of an environment-friendly world." 

Company Profile: 

Incorporated in 1986, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Performance Surfactants and Specialty Care products with over 205 product grades. These products are used in consumer-centric Home and Personal care products like hair care, oral care, skincare, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, lotion, detergent, cleaning products etc. 

It was awarded the ICIS Innovation Award in 2018 for its Green Process for manufacturing Amino Acid Surfactants (Mild Surfactants). It is a market leader in different segments of products ranging from skincare, oral care or hair care to that of sun care, baby care and home care products. 

It is the preferred supplier to leading MNCs, Regional and Local FMCG brands. Its key customers include Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, P&G, L'OREAL, Himalaya, Colgate Palmolive, CavinKare etc. 

For more information about the company, please visit our website:

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