Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals leader, announced the launch of a new biodegradable personal care technology, Structure® M3 co-surfactant, at the 2024 in-cosmetics Global event in Paris, France. This new innovation enhances the functionality and appeal of a wide range of personal care formulations and was developed in response to consumers’ increasing preference for more natural and milder ingredients.

The protective cuticle layer of the hair is an indicator of healthy hair – when the scales are smooth, moisture is locked into the hair which, in turn, appears healthy, beautiful, and vital. However, if the scales are open and protruding, moisture is then lost and the hair looks dull and frizzy.

Biopolax, a London-based developer and manufacturer of innovative ingredients, presents BPX Gemini: a surface-active additive for enhanced performance of eco-friendly home and personal care products.

Hallstar Beauty has used its natural actives expertise to create an ingredient that inhibits the Monoamine Oxidase A (MAO-A) enzyme, boosting serotonin production and thus constraining stress’s impact on skin.

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