Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2009, Hardcover

Innovation und Reach

Reach in Practice, 5 th International Fresenius Chemicals Policy Conference (C.S. Koch) Innovation and Economic Solutions

Feasibility Studies Regarding Manufacturing of Submicron Systems Using a New "Rotor/Rotor" -Processing facility (G.Kutz, V. Salzmann, M.Weber, A. Lewandowski) Innovation New Ingredients

»Luvigel® Advanced (Polyquaternium-86) - A New cationic Thickener with Styling and Conditioning Benefits (P. Hoessel, J. Basilan, S. Nguyen-Kim)

Nevel Graft Polymer Boosts SPF Performance ( L. Marlier, j. Cincotta, T. Martin, W. Van Drunen)

Delivering Softening Benefits from a Shampoo System (T.Gao, J.-M. Tien, A. Bidaye, S. cardinali, and J. Kinney)

Skinasensyl® - The Innovation from Neurocosmetics Research for Calming Hypersensitive Skin ( J. Ivosevic-Zaper)

A Patented Multifunctional Ester for Personal Care Applications (L.Bouldin, D. Smith, M.K. Smith, R.J. Smith)

Oleosomes - Natural Emulsifying Systems (D.C. Long, J. Ferguson)

Cococin™- The Nourishment Factor®: A Natural Reservoir of Nutrients for Beauty from the Inside and Out (L. Prakash and M. Majeed)

Polyether-Modified Silicones for Cosmetic Applications (J. Newton, I. Vervier, B. Durand, and S. Masse)

Interleukin-1 Alpha - An Epidermal Cytokine Critical for Skin Renewal (I. Pomytkin)

Mirage Borosilicate Pigments - Highlights for Decorative Cosmetics (K. Steinbach, U. Schmidt)

Dermofeel® sensolv: A Skin-Feel Like Silicon - But Without Silicon

Symbio®muls GC: the New Natural \\\"One-Fits-All-W/O-Emulsifier\\\"

Dermofeel® P-30: Natural Hair Care - A Paradoxon? Innovation and New Trends

Matrix Proteins of the Papillary Dermis - Primary Targets of Intrinsic Dermal Aging? (D. Boudier, V. Dubreuil, L. Marchand, N. Guichard, B. Closs)

A New Generation of Green Surfactants and Emulsifiers

Solving Low pH Formulating Challenges with Naturally Derived Thickeners (D. Peterson, M. Tolchinsky) Innovation and New technologies

3D-in-Vitro-Tehnology: Modelled Skin Helps Animals in Reaching Relief(C. Rüffer)

Molecular biological Mechanisms of Skin Aging (W.Voss, G. Schlippe)

Beneficial Fatty Oils for Promoting Healthy Skin

A New Strategy in Anti-Aging Cosmetics: DORMINS-Give your skin and hair a rest (V. Maienschein) Innovation and Formulation Techniques

Hybrid - Photostable UVA Protection; For sun protection and daily care products

A Formulation Strategy for High SPF Sun Care Products (J.Hewitt) Formulatoions

• Disclaimers for the formulations • Skin Care •Hair Care • Body Care • Dekorative Cosmetic

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