Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2017, Hardcover

The Protective Function of Cosmetic Products
Today people find themselves exposed to environmental pollution caused by smog, increased radiation from sunlight, electromagnetic radiation, and pollutants in the water. The personal care industry has developed innovative products to protect the skin from harmful effects
of these pollutants. Some of these are able to trigger the body’s own defense system while others serve as protective shield. Another subject is the decontamination of strongly adhering substances from the skin. This book discusses the research results and solutions that have been offered. Sustainability is still playing a major role, when developing new products in the cosmetic industry. There are many ways to give consideration to this important issue when producing personal care products.


Chapter I – Antipollution
Advances in Dry Skin Decontamination using Absorbent Textile Materials
(Fanny Knorr, Alexa Patzelt, Heike Richter, Martina Meinke, Maxim E. Darvin, Jürgen Lademann)
Modern Facial Cleansing Formulations with Proven Make-up Removing Efficacies
(U. Kortemeier, U. Linke, P. Schwab)
Ectoin ®  – A Versatile Natural Anti-Aging Active (Dr. Andreas Bilstein)
Protection Against Pollution-Induced Skin Ageing by a Natural Cosmetic Ingredient
(A. Iddamalgoda, Kazal B. Biswas, K. Tanaka, S. Takayama)
Protecting the Skin from Pollution
(Alicia Giménez, Cristina Davi, Elena Cañadas, Núria Almiñana, Raquel Delgado)
How Botanical Actives protect Skin and Hair against Pollution-related Damage
(Hagen Döring, Blanca Martínez-Teipel, Jordi Bosch)
Plant-IGF-1, Activating Proteasome to Detoxify and Protect the Eye Contour
(Míriam Mateu, Silvia Pastor, Patricia Carulla, Isabel Bronchalo, Mikel Gorostiaga)
Use of a Solution of Marine Glycogen  to Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation-induced Oxidative Stress on Human Skin (Lorena Sánchez, Cristina Thiebaut)
Chapter II – Sustainable Ingredients
Microplastic Particles in Cosmetic Products – Impact on the Environment? K. Rettinger, B. Huber
Dermatological Activities of Saskatoon Berry Extract – 
A Rich Source of Antioxidants with Positive Benefits for the Skin (A. Waelti)
Acer rubrum Bark Extract, the new Natural and Eco-responsible Anti-ageing Ingredient 
Obtained from a Coproduct of the Canadian Forest Industry
(Marie-Anne Boucher,  Mariana Royer,  Alexandra Jeanneau)
A highly efficient sustainable Technology Platform  to obtain Actives from Plant Totipotent Cells
(O. Expósito Ph.D, M. Perez, R. Vallecillo, M. Mas, A. Gallego Ph.D, T. Ruiz, S. Laplana)The Amazonian Sustainable Cosmetic Ingredients: Innovation by Rainforest Bioactives
(Almeida Michelle Cauchick Nogueira De, Franzina Felipe Demira Terequi)
Sustainably Sourced Pentylene Glycol – a Green All-Rounder (N. Konaté, M. Nahrwold) 
Chapter III – Testing Methods
Antipollution Products – a Rationale for in vitro Testing (K. Jung, M. Seifert, Th. Herrling)
Environmental Skin Protection Strategies –  A New Clinical Testing Method Employing a Cigarette Smoke Pollutant Model (S. Bielfeldt, A. Böhling, S. Laing, C. Hoppe, K.-P. Wilhelm) 
Chapter IV – Technology
Quantitative Determination of Gallic Acid and Tannic Acid from Gallnut Extract ................146
(S. Schagen, B. Holz, A. Waelti, J. Böttcher) 
Chapter V – Formulations
Hair Care
Skin Care
Sun Care
Disclaimers for the Fomulations
Chapter VI – Company Index


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