Sun Protection, Softcover

Relevance of Sunprotections – Efficacy of Sunscreens 
»Relevance of sun protection« (B. Diffey) 
»Efficacy of sunscreens« (H. Gers-Barlag) 
»Current topics on sun protection« (U. Heinrich) 
»Sun exposure and sun protection – Current situation« (Ph. Masson) 

»New developments in photoprotection of human skin« (J. Krutman) 
»Protection against indirect photo-damage in human skin and in living skin equivalents« (P.U. Giacomoni, D. Gan, M. Ingrassia, N. Muizzudding, D. Maes, K. Marenus, T. Mammone) 
»Melanin pigmentation and skin photo-protection: Recent advances and opportunities« (G. Prota, A. Napolitano) 
»Compliance in facial skin photoprotection« (B. Semple) 

Filters, Formulations Technology 
»Protective and sunscreen emulsions containing a perfluoropolyether amide« (G. Pantini, R. Ingoglia, F. Brunetta, a. De Ascentiis, F. Bernardi) 
»Sunscreens and self-tanners containing a perfluoro-polyether phosphate« (G. Pantini, R. Ingoglia, F. Brunetta, A. Brunetta) 
»Sun protection beyond the sun protection factor – New efficient and photostable UV-A filters« (U. Osterwalder, H. Luther, B. Herzog) 
»Sunglasses for the skin: Reduction of dermal UV filter uptake by encapsulation« (F. Pflücker, H. Guinard, N. Lapidot, R. Chaudhuri, F. Marchio, H. Driller) 
»Hollow sphere technology for sunscreen formulation« (CH.E. Jones) 
»Synthesis of transparent solution with high concentrated nano titanium dioxide« (Hong-Geun Ji, Hyun-Suk Jin, Boung-Kee Jo, Kyoung-Chul Lee) 
»Optimization of sunscreen efficacy« (R. Schwarzenbach, U. Huber) 
»UV-protection – Care of skin, colors and ingredients« (G. Merkle, O. Reich, H. Rohwer) 
»New UVA filters« 
»Optimising UVA protection – New possibilities in formulating effective products« (M. Schuricht) 
»Allowed UV filters in various parts of the world« (W. Johncock) 

»Inhibitory effects of Prunus persica flower extracts on UV-induced skin damage« (Kang-Tae Lee et al.) 
»New antioxidant sources – Tinged autumnal leaves of maple and cherry trees« (Jeong-Jae Lee et al.) 

Secondary Sun Protection 
»Vitamins and other active agents in sun care products« (T. Rudolph) 

Free Radicals and Scavenger 
»Dangerous free radicals in skin – Generated by UVA irradiation« (Th. Herrling, L. Zastrow, K. Golz, N. Groth) 
»The role of aggressive OH free radicals in skin – Their generation, detection and prevention« (Th. Herrling, N. Groth, K. Golz, L. Zastrow) 

»A new in vitro test method to assess the UVA protection« (V. Wendel) 
»Biophotonics – A new field in efficacy testing UV-protection of skin and hair monitored by ICL-S and ICL-H« (S. Benard, M. Rohr, A. Schrader) 
»Cemometrical methods to evaluate the SPF« (J. Wolf, D. Bolius, H. Lohninger) 

Benefit and Risk 
»Benefit and risk of organic ultraviolet filter« (G. Nohynek) 

Legal Aspects 
»Legal aspects and claims« (M. Brown) 

»Market situation of sun products – A review of latest innovations« (W. Johncock) 

Progress in UV Protection 
Progress in UV protection (IFSCC Congress Report) 



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