Cosmetology - Theory and Practice Vol. 1-3, Hardcover

Cosmetology – Theory and Practice
Research – Test Methods – Analysis – Formulas

This book represents a symbiosis of two standard works and provides a comprehensive overview of the field of cosmetology. \"Grundlagen und Rezepturen der Kosmetika\" (Schrader) and \"Die kosmetischen Präparate\" (Domsch) have been combined into a text book and reference work in one.

The aim of creating this book was to provide cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, pharmacists and biologists, as well as other scientists involved in cosmetology an introductory overview of the interesting and multifaceted field of cosmetics.

The defining theme of the book “Cosmetology – Theory and Practice – Research -Test Methods – Analysis - Formulas“ is to follow the path of cosmetic preparations from research, through the development stage and into the final testing phase.

The editors\' own experiences are paired with contributions from many prominent scientists and colleagues from the same field.

The editors’ task was to coordinate all of the contributions and opinions.

The field of cosmetology today is extremely varied and extensive, and as a result, some topics must remain incomplete within the context of this book. Other topics are examined with particular care, for example, fragrance oils and their composition. The scope of this already voluminous work allowed for no further compromises.

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