Boosting Cellular Recycling System for a Positive Skin Aging

L. Mussi, R. C. Bíscaro, W. V. Magalhães

Face and hands are the first body regions to show signs of aging [1,2]. One of its manifestations is the appearance of age spots, which are the result of lipofuscin, oxidized or damaged proteins, and other cellular residues in the lysosomes [3,4,5,6]. The recovery mechanism for damaged macromolecules and proteins is controlled by both the autophagic process and proteasome activity [7]. This study is intended to evaluate the potential of a plant extract composed of Myrothamnus flabellifolia and Coffea arabica (MCE) to reduce the appearance age spots through autophagy and proteasome activity. In vitro studies in human fibroblasts with MCE showed a decrease in mTOR gene expression and an increase in Parkin, in addition to stimulating proteasome activity. These results are corroborated by a 56-day clinical evaluation, focusing on the face and hands, that indicated MCE lightens age spots and evens skin tone. MCE mitigates the signs of aging by promoting homeostasis of the cellular detoxification system through stimulation of autophagy and proteasome activity that eliminates toxins and dysfunctional cellular biological components..


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