sofw journal 11-2016, English, Print

Personal Care
H. Döring, E. Rubio, M. Perez-Aso, B. Martínez-Teipel, J. Bosch, R. Armengol
Nature ´s Know-How and Plant Cell Technology to Combat Infrared- and Ultraviolette-Induced Photoaging
S. Bielfeldt, A. Böhling, S. Laing, C. Hoppe, K.-P. Wilhelm
Environmental Skin Protection Strategies –
a New Clinical Testing Method Employing a Cigarette Smoke Pollutant Model
U. Kortemeier, U. Linke, P. Schwab
Modern Facial Cleansing Formulations with Proven Make-up Removing Efficacies
E.-Y. Kim, J.-Y. Lee, J.-J. Han
Application of Solid Lipid Particulation technology to Solubilize Ceramide 3 (NP) in Aqueous Phase
I. Marigliano
Innovative Plant-Based Delivery Technologies for Beauty
E. Bumberger, A. Burkhard, A. Keck-Wilhelm, B. Huber, M. Ibel
Explanations on the EU Claims Regulation 655/2013
Home Care
The German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association
Measures to Ensure Compliance with the Limit Value for
Phosphorus in Automatic Dishwasher Detergents
K. Oetjen, F. Thomsen, T. Willers
Foaming Behaviour of Toothpaste
Sepawa News
A. Kleiner, F. Schambil
“Mixing Impossible” – Between Claim and Reality, Conference of SEPAWA Specialist Group “(CAT)
Product Innovations
Neurophroline™ – A Biological Skin Stress Inhibitor
Interview with Jan Peter Sander, BASF
Sabinsa: Anti-Ageing Skin Formulation
KahlWax: Skin | No-fuss Moisturizer | CBC_032_01
Company News
Symrise Presents Two Hair Care Programs at in-cosmetics in São Paulo
Henkel: Award for Outstanding Research
Unitis and the Botanical Alliance are Pleased to Announce the Launch of the NCS TOX Project
Beraca Unveils New Natural Ingredient for Mature Skin at in-cosmetics Latin America
BASF Appoints IMCD as its Personal Care Distribution Partner in the Southeast Region of the US
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